Best Cordless Heat Gun: The Top 7

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With summer right around the corner, we wanted to give you a list of our favorite cordless heat guns. All 7 are great options for anyone looking for a way to get rid of ice dams in their house or even just to do some home repairs.

Cordless heat guns are a popular choice for many people because they provide the convenience of not being tethered to an electrical outlet. They can be used in tight spaces and do not require an extension cord or power cable.

We all know that there are many choices out on the market today, but do not worry! We will make it easier for you by providing reviews from our experts who have tested these models extensively.

This article will list Seven different models of cordless heat guns that have been rated well by consumers. We’ll talk about what makes each model stand out from the other ones on the market, as well as their pros and cons.

Let’s have a rundown of these tools that are worth looking at if you’re interested in getting one for yourself. They are all excellent choices for your home and business projects.

We hope this blog post helps you make an informed decision on which is best for your needs!

7 Best Cordless Heat Gun

The first one is DEWALT 20V max, Followed by MILWAUKEE’S 2688-20, Ryobi 18-Volt ONE, PRULDE 20V Max, Ridgid 18-Volt Cordless Butane Heat Gun, and CRAFTSMAN 20V max heat gun.

Let’s jump over to the review section and talk about what each of these models has to offer.

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Heat Gun

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The DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Heat Gun, Tool Only (DCE530B) is the most powerful on this list, with a maximum temperature of 990 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the ideal tool for a variety of jobs.

It features an ergonomic design, variable temperature settings. The heat gun also includes a flexible hose with a swivel hook, making it easy to position in hard-to-reach areas.

It has an adjustable stand that allows you to set the angle at which you want to use it and comes with two nozzles: one for high heat and one for low heat. This heat gun is the ultimate battery-powered hot air machine currently available.

Unlike other cordless heat guns, which only offer a single temperature setting, this machine has two- 500 or 990 degrees Fahrenheit. With an integrated hose and no time wasted on cords, it’s ideal for drying spackle or paint stripping as well as removing glue and car wrapping.

The small device packs enough power to whip up a storm in whatever place you need to be heated up! Dewalt’s 20V heat gun is the perfect tool for blowing air to shrink and shape things like sheets of plastic or even shrink tubing wires during a DIY shrink tubing.

It features an LED lamp on the head, which can illuminate when working in dark spaces such as lofts, under floorboards, or in-car engine bays. You even get 42 minutes of running time on a single charge, which might seem like it leaves you a little bit of downtime!

MILWAUKEE’S Cordless Heat Gun

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Enjoy the versatility to get professional heat gun results in a variety of projects with just one tool. Whether you’re shrinking insulation, removing paint or stickers, or loosening squeeze-type electrical connectors or old lamps that have been sealed in too much solder, this innovative Milwaukee Heat Gun is your go-to.

It’s perfect at home for heating up cans of soup and cat litter on cold days when propane or other heat sources are not accessible — as well as working with products like oil sealant and silicone sealant around the house to help keep energy bills down!

It also has an ergonomic handle for easy use and a filter to prevent dust from getting into the air as you work, which is great if you’re working on projects that make lots of dust particles.

Maintaining your heat gun has never been better with this cordless model. With its durable plastic body and lightweight design, you’ll never have to worry about lugging a heavy tool around because the Milwaukee 2688-20 is all lightweight.

Let’s not forget that we’ve included two interchangeable nozzles, making it easy for you to switch between blowing air and upwards airflow modes. The combined power output of 800 watts quickly gets his job done – let the Milwaukee 26 88-20 help take care of some work today!

The next time you find yourself in need of a quality, quick solution for all your general heating needs, you won’t regret picking up the outstanding MILWAUKEE 2688-20 Cordless Heat Gun.

Ryobi 18-Volt One Cordless Heat Gun

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The third product we will be discussing today is Ryobi. Designed for the DIYer who doesn’t want to be tethered down by an outlet, this cordless heat gun gets up-to-date power and design.

Fires hot air 875°F in less than 10 seconds with a guard opened for protection from spills. It also comes equipped with two nozzles: a more concentrated nozzle or one that’s larger so you can get wider coverage without having to backtrack too many times.

You’ll hit your 10-minute mark with this Cordless Heat Gun. Not only is this budget-friendly, but it also comes complete with some high-quality features, like an ergonomic grip and LED display.

Plus, it is backed by a 3-year warranty program! This Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Heat Gun offers a budget-friendly and user-friendly option. This tool includes two nozzles that are safe and reliable.

It’s more than just a heat gun! You can use the deflector nozzle for radiant heat or the concentrator nozzle to set your work in a place with precision. It’s sturdy and durable, which is why we call it our “one heat gun for all.”

PRULDE 20V Max Cordless Heat Gun

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Keep your tools, projects, and workplace organized with the PRULDE 20V Max Cordless Heat Gun. Diverse applications ranging from drying freshly spackled paneling to loosening stuck hardware make this an invaluable addition to any workspace.

You’ve never been working with anything like the PRULDE Cordless Heat Gun. With its low weight and high-quality performance, it’s a favorite amongst professionals in industries from construction, automobile to crafts.

It comes with some of the most advanced safety features on the market: near-faultless overheat protection, durable handling even when dropped onto hard surfaces or into water (for up to 12 hours), and anti-over discharge protection that drains the battery power before becoming dangerous for use.

This handy device gets to 1022°F in 10 seconds and never slows down, giving you plenty of time for work needs any day or night! With no cords restricting you from moving around either!

It has amazing uses from stripping paint off windowsills, heat shrinking PVC pipes, tech repairs on cars, straightening fabric seams for clothing lines, and so much more.

After enabling the lock-off setting, use both hands while this cordless device continues heating! The soft rubber grip gives you ultimate control for plastic stripping or performing repairs in your favorite techie project. It comes with four different nozzles that help shrink plastic banners or reach those hard-to-reach areas on projects!


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The craftsman heat gun is one for the budget-minded DIYers or occasional hobbyists. Though you save money with this tool, it doesn’t compromise on features – you get the standard heat level and temperature control settings as well as a handy design that’s both lightweight and at home in tight spaces.

You would never want to have your projects finish up without having access to the most bang back on your buck! This is a versatile tool with all the basics you need.

It’s one of those everyday handyman gadgets that’ll be just as useful to anyone who needs an occasional rust spot removal or pipe soldering as it will be for artists and crafters looking to crafting, resin pouring, shrink rubber tubing, and more.

The 18 V battery is excellent for working while on the go or if you don’t want to deal with cables so often. When it comes to precision heating, this tool has you covered.

With a maximum temperature capacity of up to 932°F and a speed of 1.06 CFM, this heat gun is ready for any quick fix project you might need to do in 10 seconds!

In addition, for added safety, a dual-action trigger gives infinite control over output and triggers your touch when required as an extra precaution.

Not only does it have this safety feature, but it also includes many other great features like: – Variable Temperature Control with Automatic Shut-Off, Temperature control (932° F), locking trigger switch – 600W no-load power consumption.

Best Cordless Butane Heat Gun


Ridgid 18-Volt Cordless Butane Heat Gun

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Ridgid, the other most popular name in the market after DeWalt and Ryobi. With the Ridgid 18-volt cordless butane model, you can expect similar performance to those brands – minus a power chord.

It reaches up 1100ºF with an adjustable dial  and has a 3-inch nozzle that also comes with a protective sheath for jobs that are inside or outside of the home, depending on what your needs might be.

The downside is that this heat gun only uses butane as its fuel and carries only enough to last about 15 minutes before running out of gas! This tool works great when doing those tough outdoor tasks like stripping paint. This tool delivers a punch-on price without sacrificing quality.

Best Pocket Size Cordless Mini Heat Gun: Butane and a Battery

Best Pocket Size Cordless Mini Heat Gun

Berkling Cordless Butane Heat Gun

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The Berkling 3-IN-1 Cordless Butane heat gun is a reliable heat-shrinking tool. The product comes with three distinct features that can be used separately or combined to get the most out of your heat shrink connections now and in the future.

As mentioned before, this kit includes a precision tip for those who want to work with small objects. It also includes two tips for working with larger areas and even an extended clip to spread the heat evenly overshoes.

A final detail is a motorized trigger that allows you to crank up your results with just one hand by giving you control while still keeping a firm grip on it at all times without any messy experience suffering from hot Styrofoam fingers!

This bad boy is really impressive! I mean, if you’re a DIYer, this one of the best ways to go anywhere there’s butane. Plus, it weighs less than 5 ounces — without it in my pocket or bag, I was surprised at how light and compact it felt.

And for the OCD person in the room (that’d be me), it even comes with a handy dandy case to store everything. From cutting things and shaping them—to applying precision heat — this one has what any ambitious DIYer could need from their cordless butane heat gun.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cordless Heat Gun

If you’re looking for the best cordless heat gun, there are many things to consider before investing in one. Here are some quick tips and tricks that can help you choose wisely.


Cordless heat guns are often used as DIY tools for home improvement projects. The battery is the most important part of a cordless heat gun, with two low and high-capacity batteries.

Low capacity batteries provide more power to run longer than their higher counterparts but need regular charging between uses. They’re best suited for occasional use on small jobs that don’t require extended periods of working time or continuous operation.

If you typically work outdoors where electricity isn’t readily available or if it’s not possible to get close enough to a wall socket due to constraints such as height restrictions from scaffolding, then we recommend looking.

Running Time

It’s essential to get the right heat gun according to your needs. If you’re working on a project that may extend past 30 minutes, invest in one with more than 40 minutes of running time. If by any chance you extend your work due to some irregularities, you don’t have to stop your work because of the low battery.

Heating Time 

Heating time is an important factor to look for while buying a cordless heat gun. Usually, a cordless heat gun heats up quickly, just within 10 seconds. So always look for those heat guns that heats up quickly.

In-build Quality

One of the major that you should look for.  Mostly all cordless tools have an automatic power cut feature. whenever the trigger is released or if it’s accidentally dropped.

This crucial feature provides general safety while the tool is being used but also prevents further damage should it be accidentally dropped.

It also has a thermal cut out which automatically switches off the device when too hot and overheats so that more damage doesn’t happen because of this accidental drop or release of pressure with no fear of injury to yourself or anything else around you!

I don’t want to make this section lengthy, so these are the most important things to consider before making your final decision: functionality, safety considerations, warranty coverage, and more.


The cordless heat gun is a great tool to have in your arsenal when you need it. You can use it for any project with no outlets or if the job site doesn’t allow power cords and extension cords. You can use them anytime, anywhere with ease which makes this device convenient and useful.

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