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When my daughter was 13, she did this art and craft project of making candles at home, and from there onwards, our whole family is making candles at home.

We even make our candles at Christmas and on many occasions. So While candles add warmth and light to each space, causing your home to feel more comfortable, they don’t keep going forever and can be somewhat expensive.

Nonetheless, you can make them yourself actually effectively with a couple of provisions and a smidgen of expertise. As a little something extra, you can handle what goes into them.

In case you’re touchy to the aroma, forget about it. In case you’re worried about keeping the air in your home as spotless as could really be expected, use soy wax.

Even though there is a wide range of candles, they all contain three fundamental parts: wax, a wick, and a compartment.  Here when heat gun comes to play its role. So there are plenty of ways to melt the wax, and using a heat gun for candle making is one of them.

So basically, other candle-making methods can create some unhealthy fumes, whereas with a heat gun, all you have to do is just blow hot air on the wax, and it will do your work.

Before you begin: Read through the full buyer’s guide for choosing the best heat gun for candle making.

So there are thousand of heat guns, and it will a more than a year to test all these and know which one is the best. Since I have been doing this for a very long time to ease you out, I have come up with the list of the top five best heat guns for candle making.

Now all you have to do is choose between them, and then you are ready to go.

Buyer’s Guide to Heat Guns For Candle Making 

Buyer's Guide to Heat Guns For Candle Making 

A heat gun comprises a heating component, engine, and fan. So basically fan draws hot air from the heating component and guides it through the spout.

So from the features of this tool, you can easily guess what you should look for before buying a heat gun, whether it’s an industrial heat gun or a regular electric heat gun for household stuff.

Before purchasing a heat gun for candle making, you should definitely see it for temperature range, power, safety, fast heating, and in-build protection. So there are a few things that I look at before buying a heat gun for candle making.

Temperature range

Whenever you buy a heat gun, you should always look for a tool that offers more than one temperature setting. The temperature range of a heat gun decides the kind of work you can utilize it for.

If a heat gun has more temperature range, it means you can easily use it for multiple projects. A heat gun with the greatest temperature of around 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit can be used to handle challenging tasks and yet at a base temperature of about 120 degrees Fahrenheit for expanded adaptability.

DIYers expecting to finish ordinary family projects like candle making, melting wax, crafting, heat-contracting plastic might be content with a heat gun with a smaller temperature range, somewhere close to 392 degrees Fahrenheit and 752 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperature Control

Regular heat guns work at a solitary temperature, and usually, it heats up to their max temperature. The best way to change the heat level is to draw the gun nearer to or away from the objective article.

Further developed heat guns may have a few distinctive temperature settings, permitting you to choose between high, medium, and low heat, contingent upon your necessities.

Variable temperature heat guns have a dial for choosing a temperature between the base and limit of their reach.

Some more current models have electronic presentations that permit you to set the specific temperature you need and change it by increases. For the most exact heat setting, choose a heat gun with nitty-gritty temperature and fan controls.

Fan Speed

Fan speed decides how much surface the heat gun will affect. Lower fan speeds are best for exact ventures, such as relaxing weld joints or eliminating marks, while higher fan speeds take into account a more noteworthy conveyance of heat across space.

As you move a heat gun with a low fan, hurry away from the objective item, the surface region increments, yet the temperature diminishes.

An incredible fan permits the surface region to increment without a critical drop in temperature, permitting a more prominent region to be heated at one time. This setting is helpful for bigger undertakings, such as stripping paint or thawing out pipes.

Safety and automatic cut

You should always look for a heat gun safe enough to work with. Many tools in the market are powerful, but they are not safe. So safety is an important factor if you are looking for a heat gun.

One should only buy the heat that has an automatic cut feature in it. You don’t your heat gun to overheat up and damage your workspace and even the project you are working on.

Some overheating can be much more harmful and causes bigger damage like burning your hand and even dangerous fire. So it would help if you always looked for a tool that has an automatic cut feature or comes with an overheating protection technology.

5 Best Heat Guns for Candle Making

Again all these heat guns are hand-picked and then reviewed, so you may find our review a bit bigger. So if you are in a hurry, you can directly jump over to the pros and cons section, which are given below every review.

Black Decker Heat Gun

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This 1300 powerful yet lightweight tool with a compact design is a perfect machine to handle multiple household tasks and candle making. The Black and Decker HG1300 heat gun is a powerful tool that will easily handle small to medium-sized work.

This tool delivers heat in two temperature settings. One is 750, the low-end temperature, and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit is the maximum, hot enough to melt aluminum quickly.

It can undoubtedly fit cozily into most tool compartments and pantries very easily and still offer a portion of the adaptability of its bigger rivals. This heat gun even comes with a built-in stand for easy cooldown after using it.

Not even just cool down, but this stand even offers you hands-free use, and its ergonomic handle guarantees a protected grasp, in any event, during long projects.

An easy-to-work rocker switch implies that even a newbie can handle this tool with certainty. What’s more, joining a six-foot mains cable should free you from the limits of electrical plug tying.

It’s the best heat gun for soy candle making. Again from its bold orange design, you can easily guess this tool is from Black and Decker, a well-known brand.


  • It comes with a built-in stand for easy cooldown
  • 2 temperature settings
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Powerful tool
  • Even light on your budget


  • No additional accessories
  • Sometimes it may get noisy.

Mlife Mini Heat Gun

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The Mlife candle-making tool comes with two temperature settings for the most extreme flexibility while working on your project. So the highest temperature can reach up to 572℉ (300℃) for more challenging and demanding tasks, and the lowest temperature of 392℉ (200℃) for detail and polite job.

The outer body of this tool is made up of high-grade plastic, giving it a compact insulated body for comfortable prolonged use.

This Mlife tool is an ideal device for various crafting projects, for example, making epoxy sparkle tumblers, emblazoning, shrivel wrap, paint and veneer drying and paint expulsion, just as numerous hardware projects too!.

This tool is UL-safety certified for North American use! Pencil-like heat gun designs meet the delicate need of candle-making projects. You even get to choose between six attractive color options, but in my opinion, grey is the best because it suits well with every other color and can get easily adjust with your other tools too.

Mlife is one of the best-selling heat guns for encaustic painting and fixing candles. Now all you have to do is, click on the check price button and know more about the tool.


  • Dual temperatures options
  • Ergonomically-designed handle
  • Available in six attractive colors options
  • Insulated body
  • Budget-friendly


  • Sone handle may get slippery

Homidic Mini Heat Gun

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If you are looking for something compact yet at the same time powerful enough to deal with candle wax melting, then this might be the superb option out there for you.

So this is a 350W powerful tool and can heat up to 662℉ within few seconds. I liked this heat gun because it has an overheating potentiation feature that automatically cuts the power supply when the heat gun gets really hot.

Inside the tool, you will find a nickel-chromium heating wire structure and mica bracket, which speeds up heat dissipation and extends the tool’s life span.

This tool weighs up to half a pound and is super handy. You can literally hold this thing for hours without even getting tired. Its pencil-shaped design makes this tool easy to use, and you can even use it single-handed.

6.56Ft long cable increases your workspace and allows you to work on even bigger projects. This tool can be used for more than 250 hours without even switching it off for once due to its long endurance, which guarantees your successful project.

The mini heat gun is perfect for DIYers, candle making, embossing powder, melting all types of wax, hardening clay, rubber stamp, quick-drying epoxy resin, removing bumbles from epoxy resin, and much more.


  • Overheat protection
  • 6 ft long cable
  • Light and compact
  • Long working time
  • Non-slip rubber grip


  • Lack of temperature setting.

Prulde N2030 Heat Gun

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Firstly, this heat gun is clear, simple, and straightforward. The controls are not difficult to interpret. That in itself is a huge plus. Even I have this tool, so I bought this to help eliminate the accumulation of extra wax from candles.

I began with a lower temperature and cherished that the read-out revealed to me when it arrived at the set temperature, and I was astounded at how rapidly it did as such.

Applied the heat with the appended scrubber, and wow, the wax that has four layers on top of the first candle quickly came directly off. It was so speedy and proficient I genuinely was shocked.

Also, it was such a great deal simpler. I will truly utilize this whenever I can, as opposed to sanding! I love this tool, and it was everything a device should be. It made the task simpler.

Now let talk about the features of this tool. So this is a 1500 watts robust heat tool with a working time of over 600 hours in max temperature without even switching it off for once.

An LCD digital display on the backside of the heat gun shows the real-time temperature for easy use, and variable temperature control can meet the different temperature requirements of other jobs.

Not only just this, but this tool comes with a complete quick refund if you don’t like it and a new replacement service within two years.


  • Two years of warranty
  • It comes with all the required accessories
  • Safe and reliable
  • Digital LCD display
  • Fast heating and overheating protection


  • A bit expensive but worth every penny.

Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun

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The Wagner Spraytech HT1000 is a double temperature heat gun that can assist you with finishing endless Do-It-Yourself projects utilizing high-temperature heat yields.

It has a lower end temperature of 750ᵒF and can reach up to 1000ᵒF temperature setting to effortlessly release rusted bolts, eliminate ground surface, and defrost frozen lines.

The tool utilizes 1200 watts of ability to finish worthwhile home improvement projects handily. Its rugged and lightweight plan applies compelling, concentrated heat for different task needs.

The heat gun likewise includes an incorporated remain to give safe, sans hands activity. This tool even costs less than 25 bucks, and it is worth investing 25 dollars in this powerful multipurpose device.

But still, before buying this, you should read the instructions properly. Overall, this is an excellent tool if you want to buy something that will help you with candle-making and other crafts.


  • Two temperature settings: low 750°F and high 1000°F
  • Two fan speeds for precise heating
  • Integrated storage hook
  • 2-year warranty


  • Lack of lower end temp[erature

How to Use a Heat Gun for Candle Making?

If you newly come across this art and want to know more about the use of heat guns in candle making, you are in the right place. A heat gun will make your candle making the experience a ton simpler, and the outcome will be incredible.

It can easily handle every bit of work, from high-end work like melting wax to just correcting small you can do it with the one tool, a heat gun.

These are the few regular uses for heat guns in your candle making:

Preparing vessels

While you’re pouring candle wax, the contrast between the temperatures of the holder and the combination is a vital factor. On the off chance that your compartment is colder than the combination, shrinkage and wet spots can happen that can prompt your candle to move around.

Utilizing a heat gun can assist you with dealing with the temperature of your holders. Prepare your compartment by heating them and pour your flame in. This will help you control shrinkage and any wet spots. You won’t control the encompassing air temperature; however, a heat gun can have a decent effect.

Fixing Flaws

In the event that you have been making candles for some time, you will realize that slight flaws can happen regardless of how cautious you are. Your top may not come out smooth, or air pockets may shape underneath the surface.

Heat guns can assist you with applying heat that will permit you to fix any defects that may come up. You can make liquefy the wax to get an even top and fix any errors you may have made while putting your wicks.

Cleaning Supplies

Before you can pour your candles, you need to soften the wax and utilize a couple of utensils for blending in your fragrances and tones, all of which hold a specific measure of wax.

This wax at that point solidifies, and the cleaning interaction can be baffling. Heat guns can help you soften this lingering wax on your apparatuses which you would then be able to tidy up with paper towels.

Aside from cleaning your provisions, you can likewise wipe out flame jolts that have worn out. The wax left at the base can be heated with a heat gun and reused.


Making candles can be incredibly fulfilling and a lot of fun too. Candles are incredible to have close by for an assortment of events, making them adaptable and affordable home stylistic layouts and valuable instruments.

Candle making can be fun and fascinating, and once you become familiar with the technique, the advantages of doing so are many. Okay, fellas, this is the end of the article.

All these heat guns are the best for candle making, and it’s hard for me to decide which one should come first and before buying, go through all of them and choose according to your need.

Please share this with your friends, family, and fellow artisans if you like this. If you still have any questions regarding heat guns or candle making, you can drop them in the comment box. I would be glad to answer your questions.

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