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When it comes to drinking a cup of steamy coffee in the morning, nothing can replace the freshly roasted coffee beans, and it’s best if you are roasting it all by yourself.

Now the question that may stick in your mind is how is it possible? Yes, you can do this all by yourself at home. If you want to become a home roaster, all you have to do is grab a heat gun and blow some hot air on the coffee beans.

The heat gun is an ideal choice for roasting coffee at home. It is the cheapest way to roast your own coffee beans at home. You only need to understand once how to use it, and then everything else will come naturally.

It further requires minimal effort and can become a pretty addictive creative venture. Once you get it, you can make your own heat gun flour sifter coffee roasting device, which is an excellent DIY heat gun coffee roaster.

After testing tens of heat guns, I have selected the top three with the right balance of quality, power, and consistency. So, you don’t need to waste your time and money getting the wrong paint. Just select the one from here, and it will work wonders.

Our Top-Notch 3 Heat Gun for Coffee Roasting.

So after working with tons of heat guns, here is my list of the three best heat guns for coffee roasting. In all the scenarios, Wagner SprayTech Heat Gun is the best one out there in the market.

Wagner SprayTech Heat Gun for Roasting Coffee

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One of the best heat guns out there in the market for roasting coffee. This product is easy to use, lightweight, and the two temperature settings (low and high) are great.

This heat gun offers a 750ᵒF and 1000ᵒF temperature setting to easily complete household home improvement tasks, but I suggest using it at a low temperature for roasting or baking. It’s a decent starter choice that isn’t too loud when being used.

Despite the fact that it’s for the newbies, it still has a decent look if you want to look like a professional. This will make roasting coffee way too comfortable at home. Add this weapon to your DIY armory.

One more thing, this heat gun operates on electricity, so it’s totally chemical-free. This means you don’t have to worry about any harmful fumes.

Not only coffee roasting but this heat gun can also be used for various activities from crafting, removing old wall stickers, easily loosen rusted bolts, remove flooring, thaw frozen pipes to removing paint.

This heat gun can also be used for shrink wrapping and so much more! Basically, you can use it anywhere you want, but you need to more careful while using this thing because hot air of 1000ᵒF can even melt aluminum.

The gun uses 1200 watts of power to complete countless home improvement projects easily. It comes with the two fan technology, which provides additional control to customize according to your work’s requirement. Overall I will say it’s an excellent heat gun for roasting your coffee beans.


  • Dual temperature settings 750 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Hanging hook for easy storage.
  • Lightweight.
  • Hands-free operation.
  • Ideal for the casual DIYer and householder.
  • Comes with a two-year warranty.


  • Didn’t find any cons.

SEEKONE Heat Gun for Coffee Roasting

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If you are looking for something powerful, This heat is for you. This heat gun offers an excellent combination of power and portability at a great price. Seekone heat gun is the latest addition out there in the market.

It comes with improved performance compared to the regular heat gun. This heat gun makes your coffee roasting way too easy. Not only for roasting coffee, but this heat gun is also a worthy option for various other heavy-duty household projects.

This 1800 watts heat gun provides strong power quickly heat up to 1202℉(650℃) in seconds. Unlike other dual-temperature heat guns, this heat gun gives a variable temperature control option.

It means you can adjust your temperature between 120℉ to 1200℉ according to your need. It is a versatile heat gun for home, workshop, craft, and hobby projects. It features dual fans technology it which allows you to control the heat gun easily.

You even get four nozzles accessories with this heat gun. The deflector nozzle directs a long, narrow heat air stream directly on the object. Two concentrator nozzles direct a concentrated heat air on the surface of the object.

The reflector nozzle disperses heat to flow evenly around the whole work surface. Redirector nozzle coordinates an extended, tight warmth example to the work surface. Concentrator spouts direct a concentrated warmth stream to the work surface.

Reflector spout scatters heat. One more plus point of this heat gun is that they provide a full refund or return guarantee within ten days of purchase and a lifetime free warranty.

So if anything went wrong with the heat gun, you could ask them to replace it at any time. Overall this Seekone emblazoning heat gun is a top-class heat gun on the lookout. Appropriate competitor promotion impressive entertainer. From execution cost, it is a general masterclass device for anybody.


  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Dual airflow settings.
  • Lightweight design and an ergonomic handle grip.
  • Rear temperature dial for extra versatility.
  • Overload protection.
  • Heats within seconds.


  • Take some time to heats up maximum.

PORTER Heat Gun for Coffee Roasting

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I bought this heat gun when my last mini heat died a month ago. Let me tell you about my last mini heat gun, which I have been using for roasting coffee for the last five years. So I needed something durable and super handy that would meet my wide range of needs.

Basically, I am a collector of hobbies and handicrafts. I needed something that could delicately heat embossing paper, heat shrink wrap tubing, melt plastic, dry paint, remove paint, and anywhere else in between.

Then somehow figured out how to roast coffee beans with a heat gun. This is a great device, a total bomb. This heat is an absolute bomb. You do whatever you want to with this gun.

This heat gun has a high and low but ALSO has a temp control dial! At the lowest setting with the temp dial, all the way to the minus, the temp is warm and does well for giving a thin paint layer a little extra boost to dry.

On low with the temp dial halfway, I can heat the plastic to the point it is easily bendable. I have not yet gone all the way to the highest heat setting. At the halfway point, it gets hot (I can’t run it over my hands).

It’s just so versatile! This is an AMAZING heat gun, especially for the price. The heat gun itself is rugged. It feels substantial in your hands. For a lady like myself, it’s almost a little too large. The other features make up for this, though, in my opinion.

It is also tranquil. My craft heat gun was much louder, and this one doesn’t bother my ears (I’m sensitive to noises like this). Let’s get straight toward the specification section- Porter-Cable PC1500HG Heat Gun has a double fan speed selector that conveys high and low fan speed settings.

The variable temperature control dial considers a simple change of temperatures. It has an incorporated without hands uphold stand that permits the gun to stand upstanding without hands-use.

The coordinated hanging snare is ideal for capacity. The lightweight, just 2-pound gun offers less exhaustion when holding. It has a 1500-Watt engine that conveys high heat and numerous fan settings.

Its 6-Feet high-grade line improves adaptability during cold use. Ideal for applications, such as paint expulsion, Bowing plastic pipes, welding plastics, Eliminating glue tiles, and Contracting plastic tubing.

My last heat gun lasted over seven years of use and, based on the build quality. I’d expect this to do the same. This is definitely worth the money, and the adjustable temp makes it amazingly adaptable for many different needs. It’s perfect for coffee roasting.


  • 1500 watts.
  • Dual-fan speeds.
  • Wide temperature range.
  • Hands-free support.
  • Six-foot power cable.


  • Doesn’t have a cooling mode.

How to Roast Coffee with a Heat Gun?

How to Roast Coffee with a Heat Gun?

The first time I roasted coffee beans, I was 23. It was a great feeling. I roasted my first batch of Coffee on FreshRoast Plus. Fresh Roast plus is a great option if your willing to spent 200 dollars on a coffee roaster.

But if you don’t have that much budget, that’s okay. The heat gun is the cheapest alternative out there in the market to roast coffee beans.

All you need is- grab a heat gun, a bag of fresh coffee beans, and a Roasting vessel. Are you ready to drink the absolute best java you can get? Come on in, and learn to roast your beans.

Step BY Step Guide –

Basic Requirements

  • A heat gun.
  • A roasting vessel (It’s best if you use a stainless steel container)
  • Stirring vessel.
  • Metal colander or another cooling method.

Step 1: Start by assembling all the required equipment and pour two cups of green espresso beans into the bowl; it’s roughly 10-11 oz. by weight. The example cook that appeared here is Indonesia Sumatra.

Step 2: Then get your roasting bowl. I use my dog’s bowl as a roasting container. Place the bowl on a heatproof surface and fire up the heat gun on the low setting. It should be below 500 degrees Celcius. Hold your heat gun approximately 1.0 -1.5 inches from the beans. Once you place everything in the right place, start blowing hot air directly on the beans.

Step 3: Periodically stir the beans and try to spread hot air adequate to mix the beans. After roughly four to six minutes, the beans will start to smell lush and turn a light tan in shading.

Step4: Slowly start in your temperature until you max out the temperature setting and move the heat gun nozzle a little bit closer to coffee beans. It should be approximately 0.5 to 1.0 inches closer to beans.

Step 5: It will take 8 minutes to hear your first crack and approximately 9 minutes to reach the second crack. When you feel that it’s done, the roast is complete, Quickly transfer the beans into a metal colander or you can just buy a Coffee Bean Cooler online.

Usually, the time to complete a roast also varies by volume; a cup of beans typically takes about seven minutes, a two-cup roast typically takes about ten minutes and a three-cup roast typically takes about 13-15 minutes.


It seems like you are pretty excited to roast coffee beans with a heat gun. Now, let’s do a quick recap. In this article, I talked about the best heat gun for roasting coffee you can get right now.

I have handpicked these heat guns that are great for roasting. Choosing them was nowhere easy, so I would really appreciate it if you take a moment and share it with your friends and family.

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