Best Heat Gun for Encaustic Painting

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Want to know which is the best heat gun for Encaustic painting? You are in the right place. In this article, we are going to reveal the top five heat guns for Encaustic painting.

Hi there, my name is Emma… Emma Crowford I am a 35-year-old single mother and working with these tools for the last couple of years. Since my team (few fellow artists) and I are handling these tools for the last few years, we got a chance to test tons of them.

I know it’s hard for us to find an ideal tool that suits your works and is even durable enough to work for more than two years. So to ease your task, we have come up them our list of the five best heat guns for encaustic painting.

If you fall under those people who are still thinking, why do we need a heat gun for Encaustic painting? Let me tell you a little bit about this thing.

So basically, Encaustic painting is a type of painting that involves bee wax, and you cant use the hard bee wax to paint, so you need to heat it up from time to time according to your requirement.

Encaustic painting is also known as hot wax painting, includes utilizing warmed beeswax to add shaded colors. The fluid or glue is then applied to a surface—typically arranged wood, however material and different materials are regularly utilized. So without wasting more time, let’s get straight to the list-

Wagner Spraytech HT1000 Heat Gun

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The FURNO 700 dual temperature heat gun is intended for the big jack of the DIYer. It’s an extraordinary tool for Encaustic painting, stripping paint, melting wax for making candles, art, and craft, forming plexiglass, and the sky is the limit from there.

It has dual fan speed settings and a temperature scope of 750°F – 1000°F to finish practically any errand handily. You can change the entirety of the settings with the snap of a catch!

Press the mode selector to set the temperature reach and fan speed. Use the two temperature selector catches to increment or decline the temperature rapidly.

The heat gun likewise has a few highlights to make projects considerably simpler. The ergonomic plan considers expanded solace, while the coordinated stand takes into account hand-free activity.

When you finished your work, switch the heat gun to chill-off mode to easily blow air and cool down the heat gun. Subsequently, you can advantageously hang your heat gun on a snare or pegboard from the implicit circle on the handle.

This heat is easy to use, strikingly simple on the wallet, and reasonable for a wide scope of home applications — the Wagner HT1000 is a fantastic tool that is ideal for the Encaustic painting. If you are a newbie, I will definitely suggest you go with this one.


  • Powerful 1200 Watt tool.
  • It comes with dual temperature settings.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Ideal for the casual DIYer.
  • Backed up by a two-year warranty.


  • No additional accessories.

Cartman 1500W Heat Gun

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This heat gun is fit for heating to temperatures somewhere in the range of 750⁰ and 1,000⁰ Fahrenheit. This tool is a brilliant choice if you need the most extreme temperature control.

Many Encaustic painters and DIYers suggest cartman, so it’s especially appropriate for chipping away at more modest regions. You can utilize it with a full guarantee, and this thing will let you down.

It works well you try to come up with a different-different color combination by putting layers of wax or removing it from the painting. Two temperature settings even allow you to work even more precisely on your art.

You can even use this tool on your acrylic painting if you are looking for different shades and want some wavy look in your painting. One of the best tools out there for acrylic painting.

This 1500 watt robust heat gun comes in a carry case and with six additional accessories. You will get four different types of nozzles to control heat and air density while working. Cartman is a lightweight tool that weighs only 2.2 pounds.

This heat gun offers elite in a conservative plan, with a wind current that is not difficult to control, so you will not incidentally blow shades around. A helpful cooling mode permits you to put it to the side without stress.

It is a multipurpose tool that can easily handle tasks like paint removal, melting wax, and much more. You can use this tool for more than 500 hours in max temperature(data from the lab), which is almost 2-3 times longer than others.


  • Powerful and durable.
  • Dual temperature feature.
  • It comes with six additional accessories.
  • Plus, it has a carry case.
  • The heating wire of this heat gun is made of nickel chrome.


  • I didn’t have anything wrong to say.

Prulde Mini Heat Gun for Encaustic Painting

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If you are searching for a heat gun that can easily handle more modest artworks, such as emblazoning or melting wax for Encaustic painting, but at the same time, you might want something small, mini, and easy to carry also.

If yes, then you should definitely go with the Prulde HG0060 mini heat gun. This compact tool has a dual temperature setting feature which gives this tool an edge over other mini heat guns.

Usually, mini hot air guns don’t have an adjustable temperature. You can switch freely between the low setting of 480°F (250°C) and high of 850°F (450°C) with button, which gives you a smidgen greater adaptability in your specialties.

We love that the included stand really helps you a lot while painting. In addition, it holds this heat gun at the ideal plot for hand-free use. This tool is particularly designed for embellishing, encaustic painting. I can bet you that this gun really fills in as an excellent device for exhaustive encaustic melding also.

It is lightweight and agreeable to grasp for extensive stretches. The pen shape body guarantees that you are holding it opposite to the functioning surface, consequently keeping away from accidental development of color.

Another shrewd detail: the tip accompanies a plastic safeguard as a shield against consumption. Overall this 380W high-power tool can work quickly and efficiently. The professional motor gives an outstanding performance that can keep running for more than 300 hours at max temperature.


  • Advanced Dual-Temp Settings.
  • Strong Power.
  • User-Friendly.
  • Precise control.
  • Lightweight.


  • Nothing

Seekone Mini Heat Gun for Encaustic Painting

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This Seekone tool is one of the best heat guns for an individual looking for a multipurpose tool. If you are looking for a heat gun that can help you out with your encaustic art and for more modest artworks, such as emblazoning, yet at the same time, yet don’t want any flexibility regarding temperature and wind stream, in that point, we think this is for you.

It comes in a super cool design, and the yellow-black color makes this tool an attractive piece. This electric tool consists of a powerful 3.0Amp motor that can reach a temperature of 662℉ (350℃)and wind current 300L/min within seconds to make your work all the more proficient.

The 4.9ft ultra-long power cable helps you do crafting in large areas even more conveniently. If I talk about how safe is this heat gun, let me tell you it has inbuilt overheating protection.

The tool will automatically cut off the power supply when the temperature is overheated to avoid melting and fire—made of high-quality impact-resistant PA6+30GF body and with nozzle safety shield to ensure maximum security for you.

Its pencil-like design and lightweight feature make this tool fit comfortably in your hand while working on encaustic painting. And the mini heat gun is especially ideal for getting into hard-to-reach places and concentrating high heat on the tight area. Overall it’s an excellent tool for artwork.


  • Pencil-like shape and lightweight.
  • High quality and safer protection.
  • Quick heat dissipation.
  • High power tool.


  • Lack of temperature options.

Teccpo 1500W Heat Gun

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This heat gun is like a pandora’s box. It contains everything that you will require for encaustic painting. It includes various accessories, all sorts of features and has some significant downfalls that will not harm your budget.

The Teccpo 1500W heat gun is ideal for the energetic DIYer searching for that little additional something in their force apparatuses — yet who’s on a strict spending plan.

This machine conveys two fan speeds, joined with three flexible temperature settings of 122℉-1112 degrees Fahrenheit. A fantastic range of heat makes it ideal for a cornucopia of home tasks.

Not only this, but this heat has its very own cooldown mode to cool off the tool quickly. This even increases the lifespan of the device. Counting four spouts and two scrubber instruments — you can center or scatter heat, contingent upon your functioning material.

Besides, heat-safe ABS plastic development permits your hand to stay cool during activity — while defensive sidebars guarantee that you don’t incidentally contact the hot spot.

Furthermore, a coordinated over-burden defender safeguards you from power floods that could somehow end in a jolting encounter—still one of the best heat guns out there for encaustic painting.


  • Three temperature settings.
  • Overload protection.
  • Fast heating.
  • One push cools down.
  • Four accessories fit all heating scenarios.


  • Little expensive.


So, it’s the end of the article. In this article, I talked about the best heat gun for encaustic painting you can get. Most of these heat guns are multipurpose and can be used for other art and craft projects too. If you like this article, do share it with your friends and family.

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