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Best Heat Gun for Epoxy Resin

Are you looking for the best heat gun for epoxy resin? You are in the right place.

Right now, epoxy resins are a top-of-the-line item in households around the world, principally on account of their developing utilization in independent companies.

These gleaming, glass-like color pigments are synthetic products. They have a decisive nature and can be utilized in an immense number of places and a heat gun is used to eliminate bubbles from your epoxy resin pouring.

In short, bubbles are the biggest enemy of epoxy resin which gets trapped while pouring, and a heat gun is an ideal tool to get rid of this enemy. Typically, I propose a propane light that isn’t reasonable for each DIY or creating project.

Only a heat gun can create a wave effect in your artwork, that is the place where this tool proves to be the best. Unfortunately, picking one can be a hectic task, particularly for newbies.

You may even wind up with a bad or cheap tool. So to help you out, I come up with this list of the top 9 best heat guns for epoxy resin. These might be ideal options for you.

In this article, we will break down the top heat guns available out there whilst comparing them for price versus performance.

Top 7 Best Heat Guns for Epoxy Resin (Reviews)

Before you head over to the review section, let me tell you few things, all these heat guns are tried and tested by my team. All of them are best, so go through every review. Here comes our first tool.

Seekone 1800W Heat Gun

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This tool ticks all the boxes cross all the Ts, and dots all the Is. This is an 1800 watts powerful tool with a variable temperature control feature. It is a fast heating tool that can warm up to 1202 degrees Celsius in just a few seconds.

This tool is developed in opposition to other double-temperature heat guns. It has two dials- one just behind the heat gun to control the temperature setting and a handle switch for wind stream control.

Not only this, Seekone even outrank all the other tools in terms of safety. It comprises an overload protection technology that protects this tool from overheating and any type of circuit damage from voltage fluctuation.

It has an ergonomic plan handle to prevent light strain cramps and other substantial mischiefs. Not only just epoxy resin, but you can even use this tool for plenty of other household applications like candle making, warming PVC, hardware, phone fixes, vinyl wrap, among different applications.

In addition, you even get four nozzles with this tool. The diverter nozzle guides an extended thin warmth example to the work surface. Likewise, two concentrator nozzles give a direct thought heat stream, and the reflector nozzle scatters the heat stream equally around the entire work surface.

The heat gun accompanies a 100% fulfillment ensure close by a lifetime free guarantee, and if you don’t like this tool, you even get the full refund.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Get super hot quickly
  • It has overload protection
  • Lifetime free warranty


  • The temperature dial work anti-clockwise.

Mlife Mini Heat Gun

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If you are looking for something small, powerful, and easy to carry, this heat gun can be an ideal tool for you. This is the best mini heat gun for resin. It comes in six attractive color options, but I suggest you go with the grey one.

Now let’s get a jump over to the features section of this heat gun. So from the picture itself, you can get an idea of the size of this tool. Pretty compact, but you can judge this tool on its tiny size.

This heat is like a small pocket grenade that can get rid of bubbles in just one blow. This is a powerful 300-watt heat gun that comes with two temperature and airflow settings.

You can adjust it with one push button on the back end of the tool: what I liked most about this tool is that you can hold it like a pen, and easy to operate with a one-hand.

The one-hand operation provides you more room while working on big projects. This heat gun heats up quickly and can reach up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit within a minute.

This tool is even UL-safety certified for North American use! A full refund or replacement is also available if you are not satisfied.


  • Pocket friendly
  • Easy to operate
  • UL-safety certified
  • Full refund or replacement is available


  • Some time grip may get slippery

Chandler Mini Heat Gun

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You will find many heat guns, but this tool is unbeatable when it comes to handling epoxy tumblers. This pencil-shaped mini heat gun features dual temperature control and fan speed settings for precise work.

The outer body of this tool is made up of high-quality plastic that makes this heat tool 100% insulated. You can feel the heat while working, but it’s safe due to its insulated body.

It automatically cut off the power supply when the temperature is excessively high. You can keep on approaching whatever you are doing with the gun and let the temperature tumble to ideal all alone.

I must say that this is a lightweight tool that weighs less than one pound. At the tail, there are heat vents on the two sides to decrease inner temperature. The vents likewise make the heat gun more solid and robust.

Mostly, heat guns are not manufactured to North American safety standards & are not safety certified, But this is a UL-certified heat gun.

It’s like having a mini-heat gun and a full-size substantial heat gun across the board! Chandler itself is a US-based company, making it an even more trustworthy candidate in the race of best heat gun for epoxy tumblers.

Bubble Buster Heat Gun

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When it comes to removing bubbles from your epoxy resin, this Bubble Buster Tool stands head and shoulders above every other tool. This tool is particularly designed to eliminate air bubbles from your epoxy to help you make shining epoxy tumblers.

All you have to do is, switch it on and then shout some hot air on the epoxy. But remember, always heat up at its max temperature before applying hot air.

It comes in a super catchy black and purple color combination, and the body of this tool is made up of highly insulated plastic. This device embraces small point nonskid plans on the outer body and fits easily in your hand.

It can heat up to the ideal temperature and produces solid heat—this is a 300 watts robust heat gun when it comes to handling epoxy tumbler or resin. Furthermore, it heats up super quickly. It likewise intrigues with its straightforwardness.

You’ll adore the easy-to-use one catch switch. In addition, this is really lightweight and extraordinary tool to hold also on account of the notable nonskid plan on the handle.

This little heat gun is an extraordinary decision to consider, and we can’t suggest it enough for enthusiastic DIYers. Taking about myself, I really like my bubble buster heat gun. It works wonderfully at popping the bubbles in my epoxy, but it is not a miracle worker.

I had to learn from experience, but If you stir your epoxy too fast and get many bubbles in it, of course, it will pop them all, but it will take a while to do so. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Craft Bay Epoxy Glitter Heat Gun 

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I haven’t tested this tool, but it is recommended by my fellow artist friends who told me about this tool and said, “this is the best heat gun for resin waves.

If you love to make resin waves on your acrylic painting, then this might be the most fantastic heat gun out there for you. Not only just this, but If you’ve recently gotten into working with epoxy and acrylic resin, then also you can go with this one.

If you simply use this device as instructed, it will save you so much time and make a big improvement on the final look of your work. Sleek and ergonomic, this epoxy resin heat gun is a standard handheld heat gun for crafters.

At simply 8.8 creeps long and 1.8 inches in width, you can use it without much of a stretch to work this heat gun in one hand.

The heat gun’s finished ABS plastic body gives a superior hold, while its 38-inch wire and fitting will permit broad inclusion on materials. If you want to know more, you can directly click on the check price button.

Bubble Removing Heat Gun for Epoxy Resin

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This Bubbles eliminating heat gun is a 300-watt instrument that includes a single fan speed and temperature setting. It is extraordinary compared to other heat guns out there for epoxy.

This tool offers a working temperature of 200°C/390°F. This apparatus heats up immediately. Regardless of whether you need a heat gun for detail work or fast work on enormous tasks, this machine will not frustrate you.

You can get this heat gun for just shy of 15 dollars which makes it a pocket-accommodating device. The pen shape design of this heat gun permits you to work uninhibitedly. This is a lightweight heat gun that weighs less than a pound.

Yet one most significant downside in this heat is you cannot utilize this device for more than 20 mins. So following 20 minutes, you need to turn this instrument and let it cool down. But not only just epoxy resin, but it’s the best heat gun for acrylic painting too.

Genesis GHG1500A Heat Gun

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One of the best-selling heat guns on Amazon. The best thing about this tool is its dual temperature setting and it comes with all the accessories that one will need. This implies that you will pick the level of heat temperature you need for your DIYs and activities.

It is additionally durable for convenience and dealing with. On the off chance that you need to move it around the workshop or even outside, it won’t be a particularly burdening hustle.

This heat gun is likewise made out of an HG1300 heat gun. The dealers that don’t offer free transportation sell the heat gun at a lot less expensive costs. This heat gun can fill you with an assortment of needs. 

You will just adore the way that it is helpful and very utilitarian. You can utilize it to strip paints and relax rusted bolts. Many artists will suggest this tool for hot wax painting or encaustic painting. 

You can likewise utilize it for emblazoning and elastic stepping. This heat gun has a wide assortment of directions, and it permits you to get innovative.

Things To Considered Before Buying Heat Gun For Epoxy Resin

Things To Considered Before Buying Heat Gun For Epoxy Resin

Choosing the right heat gun for epoxy resin is not an easy job. You have to look for plenty of things before buying. You should check for as many reviews as you can.

As I earlier, all my heat guns are handpicked as you don’t have to look for any particular thing in my heat gun. Yet if you are looking for heat on your own. You should always consider these factors before purchasing.


Temperature is the main thing of any hot gun. No one wants to buy a heat gun that doesn’t even heat up to a minimum of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s great if you are going with the heat gun, which has more than one temperature and fan speed settings, as this will provide you a wide temperature range for a variety of different work and makes your work even easier.


Another factor you shouldn’t ignore with regards to heat guns is safety. You shouldn’t deal with any Chinese or low-quality tool as you don’t want to harm yourself with the heat of around 500 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Search for a tool with consoling properties like protected parts and against overheating. A heat gun with inbuilt protection guarantees that it doesn’t overheat during use. It’s best if the heat gun is UL certified.

Airflow setting

You might be wondering why one should consider airflow speed as an essential factor. Let me give a situation if your heat gun blows high airflow, it can ruin your work, but at the same time, if a heat gun has low air output, it’s not enough to heat the surface.

So it’s great if your tool has a dual airflow setting, but you are considering buying a heat gun with a single airflow setting, then always check the air density section.

How to Get Air Bubbles Out of Resin Using a Heat Gun?

How to use a heat gun on epoxy resin?, How to Get Air Bubbles Out of Resin Using a Heat Gun?

So there are three reasons why I like using a heat gun to help me pop air bubbles. Number one, I think it tends to be a little safer than using something like a propane torch and a lighter because you don’t actually have a flame involved in this tool.

There is not a hundred percent guarantee that there is no fire risk, but you don’t need to worry about anything if you are going with the above option. 

Warning: Don’t use a hairdryer instead of a heat gun because if you do so and go over your bezels, You’re going to blow resin everywhere before you even have a chance to get the bubbles out.

The third thing which I personally like about this tool is- I always like to create a bunch of interesting cells and look in your art. What’s nice about the heat gun is you can get it close down close to your surface.

It can push the resin and blow some of it so that you can create some unique effects with that. Here the step-by-step guide on How to use a heat gun with resin.

Step 1: Keep your heat gun around min 2 inches from the resin surface. If you feel that the airflow is high in that situation, adjust the distance according to your need. 

Step 2: Switch it on and let it heat up for 5-10 seconds. Go over your surface in a to and fro or roundabout movement. You should see bubbles pop. 

Step 3: You can draw a little nearer for stubborn air bubbles but be careful while doing this and rapidly moving the heat gun to shake the air pockets and get them to pop. This functions admirably for me when the air pockets are in corners or in difficult situations. 

Step 4: You will need to draw the heat gun nearer to your project on the off chance that you are utilizing a heat gun to make cells in the resin craft, so it pushes the resin. The nearer you get the gun to the surface, the more you will move the resin.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Can I use a heat gun to dry epoxy resin?

A. Yes, you can use a heat gun can for drying epoxy resin, but this process will consume some time, and even it can go up to hours and hours. At room temperature, a heat gun is helpful when a speedier fix is wanted.

Q. Can I use a hairdryer on resin?

A. In my opinion, you shouldn’t be using a hairdryer as typical hairs blow high-pressure air, and if you are not experienced, you may end up blowing resin everywhere before you even have a chance to get the bubbles out.

Q. Will epoxy set in cold weather?

A. In a chilly climate (under 50 degrees), you will see ART’s Epoxy System’s relieving start to moderate. The colder it gets, the slower it takes to solidify completely. A slender fix finished at 35 degrees may take up to seven days to completely fix.


So, this is the end of your journey. In this article, I talked about the 7 best heat gun guns for epoxy resin you can get on the market. Hopes this may have helped you. It would be great if you share this with your friends, family, and fellow artists.

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