Best Heat Gun for Heat Shrink Tubing

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As a professional and a technician, I’m sure you can relate to the sheer number of problems a technician can encounter during heat shrink tubing.

Many times when I use a propane torch for shrink tubing, I end up damaging another wire with excessive heat, and I guess this is one of the many issues you may have faced while shrink tubing.

But when it comes to a heat gun, there is no such issue, and you can even use it for many other things like removing the plastic coat and much more.

You probably don’t like long intros, so let’s get straight to the point- Best heat gun for heat shrink tubing. Nobody wants to read long, endless reviews of plenty of heat guns out there, and it’s hard to decide which one is best for an individual.

Since I and my team is working with these for the last couple of years, we have tested tons of heat gun to ease your task of choosing the best heat gun for heat shrink tubing.

We come up with these top 5 heat guns. Now all you have to do to selected one and get back to work. Here the list of some of the best heat guns for shrink tubing based on quality and popularity.

Wagner HT4500 Heat Gun

Wagner HT4500 Heat Gun

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Wagner HT4500 holds in the first place when it comes to heat shrink tubing. This is an influential Heavy-duty heat gun professional designed for shrink tubing.

One of the best things which I like about this heat gun is its wide temperature range. You will get a broad temperature range of 120˚F – 1200˚F, which can be adjusted in 20˚F increments.

This heat even has an LCD screen to track the real-time temperature. The LCD screen will clearly show the current heat output, so you’ll always know the setting being used.

This machine can handle all types of work, from heat shrink tubing to removing paint. You can even adjust the fan speed according to work while working on your project.

This heat gun offers five different fan speed settings to adjust the hot air flow according to your requirement. Plus, it also has a cool-down mode to preserve the life of the ceramic heating element, which cools down the heat gun within a minute or two.

The heat gun will automatically turn itself off once cool, allowing for safe storage. You will also get a storage case and five nozzles and attachments to tackle any type of problem between your work.


  • Modern design.
  • Includes five fan speed settings.
  • Complete with a site-ready, hard carry case.
  • LCD screen temperature control.
  • The wide heat range of 120-1200 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • It lacks a stand for additional support when in hands-free mode.

Maxwel iH Gun-1 Heat Gun for Heat Shrink Tubing

Maxwel iH Gun-1 Heat Gun

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This is an excellent heat gun out there in the market for heat shrink tubing. From the picture itself, you can guess the pretty sleek design. It is a compact heat gun that can efficiently perform shrink tubing.

This heat comes with adjustable temperature controls. It means you can adjust the temperature while working according to your requirements.

There are two blue dial buttons on the backside of the heat gun that allow you to choose a temperature level between 212 and 896 degrees Fahrenheit(100 to 480 degrees Celsius).

Not only can you change the temperature, but you can even set the fan speed as per your need. Just about the temperature buttons, you will have a rotating switch to adjust the fan speed.

This heat gun has a high-quality LCD display to track the exact real-time temperature to cope with your needs. Another great feature about this heat gun is you can literally change celsius in Fahrenheit.

It even has a memory feature that allows you to save the temperature from where you left. You will get all the necessary accessories with this heat gun. If I talk about this heat gun’s quality, it has an insulated body that guarantees it stays cool in your grasp during activity.

Moreover, an overheating defender forestalls the heating loop from arriving at temperatures that represent a danger either to you or the machine’s capacity. Overall it’s a high-power heat gun and effortlessly handles the job of heat shrink tubing.


  • LED digital display
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Rapid warming from 212 to 896 degree
  • Automatic cool-air cooling heater


  • No nozzle protector.

Flowery ocean Mini Heat Gun for Shrink Wrapping


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Now the good thing about a Flowery ocean mini heat gun is when you are working on wiring and you have your heat shrink tubing slid over.

You might have a lot of wires placed together, and you could be working underneath a dashboard where you don’t wanna be taking a match or a lighter, then this heat gun eases your job.

The flowery ocean is a 300 watts powerful mini heat gun. You cannot judge this heat gun on its small design. Beautifully designed, you can even hold this heat gun easily like a pen and use it for as long as you want.

This heat gun weighs less than 1 pound a, and it even has a steel stand that uplifts this heat a little bit above the work floor to prevent any mishappening. This heat gun heats up quickly and has an operating temperature of 391 degrees Fahrenheit.

This heat gun is designed with two vents on the backside, which can better dissipate heat, reduce damage, and extend the heat gun’s life. One drawback of this heat gun is you can use this heat for more than 10 minutes consistently.

After ten mins you need to take a break and let it cool down to re-use it. Overall it’s a lightweight, easy to use, value for money, and budget-friendly heat gun.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Budget-friendly
  • Small and compact


  • You cannot use it for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Wagner Spraytech HT400 Heat Gun

Wagner Spraytech HT400

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They say the smaller the feet, the better the dancer, and the same goes for this Wagner spray tech HT400. Before you get carried away, the first thing you need to know is that this is a small compact heat gun that weighs less than 1 pound.

If you are looking for a small, budget-friendly heat gun that gives pretty accurate results, you are in luck with this one. The HT400 heat gin is a stern, versatile heat gun for heat shrink tubing.

It features dual temperature settings, which allow you to adjust the heat as per your need. It can reach up to 680°F high (360°C) and as low as 450°F (230°C) temperature.

One of the best things I like about this heat gun is its unique angled design that allows you to handle this heat gun in the pencil grip. It even has a proper stand that acts as a pencil stand mounting the heat gun upward.

This feature protects us from burning ourselves with a heat gun while you are not working, but it’s still there on your table. You will get a six feet long power cable which a sufficient workspace to move around freely.

In my eyes, the HT400 is an excellent heat gun for heat shrink tubing and equally suitable for DIYers seeking a small yet powerful heat gun.


  • Small In size
  • Great price to value
  • Integrated stand to allow for easy cooling after use
  • Dual temperatures of 450 and 680 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • No choice of additional nozzles.

EnerTwist 1500 watts Heat Gun

EnerTwist 1500 watts Heat Gun

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If you don’t want to give away hundreds of dollars on a high-end heat gun, there are plenty of budget-friendly choices out in the market. The EnerTwist Heat Gun is one of my favorites.

Well, for heat shrink tubing beginners its is the most powerful tool. This heat gun comes with every feature that you will look to get. It has a dual temperature setting for precise control over temperature while working.

This heat gun has a temperature range of 100ºF degrees F to 932ºF. But still, this heat may take few minutes to reach its maximum temperature. In total, this heat gun has 9 Temperature and 3 Fan Speed features which make it perfect for this kind of work.

It even comes with a cool-down mode. If I talk about this heat gun’s built quality, it is 1500 watts powerful and reliable heat gun, which comes with a 12.5 Amp motor heats up quickly in few seconds and performs stable.

This heat gun gives outstanding performance by keeping running 500 hours at max temperature. One of the most significant things about EnerTwist Heat Gun is the accessory kit. You get four nozzle deflectors for efficient work.

You even get five paint-scrappers with this heat gun for all types of tasks quickly. You will receive this thing in a durable plastic carry case, making it both portable and easy-to-store. In short, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option for a multipurpose heat gun. You should definitely go with this one.


  • Competitively priced 
  • Lots of accessories 
  • Comes with a hard case 


  • Settings aren’t accurate.

How To Use a Heat Gun for Heat Shrink Tubing?

How To Use a Heat Gun for Heat Shrink Tubing?

There are certain things that you should keep in your mind while using a heat gun for heat shrink tubing. It is vital when utilizing heat shink tubing to continue with caution and watch fundamental safety measures to maintain a strategic distance from mishaps or wounds. Here’s how to use a heat gun for heat shrink tubing:

  • Choose the correct size tubing with the proper shrink ratio. It ought to comfortably cover the wire or components before you contract it into place to guarantee a tight fit a short time later. Keep in mind that it’ll be over both its breadth and its length.
  • In case the components to be secured might alter estimate after application, guarantee that the tubing has adequate expandability by comparing its breadth when contracted with its estimate sometime recently contracting. Check the prescribed warming temperature for the tube to avoid uneven application.
  • Cut an appropriate length of tubing using standard scissors and lay or slide this over the target components. Then immediately heat the shrink tube. You can do this with a handheld heat gun.
  • While using a heat gun, move it back and forth across the tubing and avoid staying in one place to minimize the risk of burns. Continue until the wrap has been tightly secured.


So, finally, we are in the end. Just for the recap, in the article, I talked about the best heat gun for heat shrink tubing that will make the shrink tubing way too easy and safe. I have personally tested and reviewed every heat gun, and that took me a lot of time. So, I would really appreciate it if you take a minute and share it with your friends and family.

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