Best Heat Gun for Mobile Repairing

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Whether you cracked your mobile screen, dropped your mobile in water, or encountered one of the numerous other issues, having a damaged or broken mobile is the most unfortunate thing that could happen to you.

Haha, now my catchy intro is finished. Let’s get straight to the point- best heat gun for mobile repairing.

It seems like your a technician specialized in cell phone repairs and wants something that can open the phone screen and remove its components without using brute force.

If you are still wondering why would you need a heat gun to repair a phone? The answer is pretty simple. A heat gun is an electronic device that emits hot air. It can reach up to 100 °C to 550 °C (200-1000 °F), and in some high-end models, it can hit 760 °C (1400 °F).

So with this apparatus, you can efficiently heat the glass and remove it easily without putting pressure on the mobile screen. To get rid of moisture, you don’t have to put your phone in the bag of rice and wait the whole night.

A heat gun can help you out Not only just mobiles, but you can even work on many other devices like computers, laptops, tablets, and much more. Finding an appropriate heat gun for mobile fixing is not an easy task.

You may have to choose between thousands of items out there. To ease your work, my team and me did this job of finding the best heat gun. Now all you have to do is to choose between these five heat guns. Below I have mentioned a list of 5 Best Heat Guns For Mobile Repairing.

1. Tacklife Professional Heat Gun for Mobile Repairing

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Tack life is one of the most proficient heat guns out there for repairing mobile. You guys will get surprised by how nicely and safely this heat gun works on mobile screens. It’s budget-friendly as well as professional gear to work with on cell phones.

This powerful heat gun allows you to change temperature settings within work and the Large LCD display helps you to know the temperature in real-time for subtle work. Not only just temperature, but you can also adjust the fan speed.

It allows you to change the temperature by increasing it to 20 degrees or decreasing it by 20 degrees, making it an ideal heat gun, especially working with delicate things, particularly if you are utilizing it to fix your mobile phones.

This DIY heat gun has five airflow settings which ensure that it can even meet some customer’s special needs for precise control. An interesting fact about this heat gun is its long life-span.

The best thing I liked about this heat gun is its memory settings that permit you to save four diverse heat and fan speed settings that you utilize whenever working with the heat gun.

That will help you save a great deal of time, particularly on the off chance that you are working with a similar thing once more. In terms of work and build quality, this is a pretty impressive heat gun.

You can use it at its maximum temperature for more than five days. It comes with the auto cut technology that prevents this heat gun from overheating. You might be thinking,

What next? Is this the end? No, this heat gun has one more exciting feature- It also has a cool down mode, which instantly cools down the heat gun by blowing cold air.

It is outfitted with four heat gun nozzles, a scraper, three scraper blades, a putty knife, and some other helpful tools. Overall this is the best heat gun for mobile phone repairing. Not only just mobile phone repairing, but you can also use it for a lot of different heating work as well.


  • Precise temperature control
  • Large LCD display
  • 4 Memory Settings
  • Ultra-long working time
  • 5 Air Flow Settings


Didn’t find any cons

2. Prulde Multi-Purpose Heat Gun for Mobile Repairing

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Prulde N2190 is an excellent heat gun for the do-it-yourself technician and holds second place in my list of top 5 heat guns for mobile repairing. From the picture itself, you see the super handy design of this heat gun.

Comes in an attractive color combination of pine-green and black. It comes with two temperature settings that can vary between 800℉ to 1112℉ and two airflow speed controls to satisfy all your requirements.

Within a minute, this heat can reach its maximum temperature of 1112℉. Quick Trivia- Prulde was formerly known as Nue Master one of the best heat gun producers out there in the market.

This heat gun has a 6.5ft long power cable long enough to move freely in a large work area and provides a wide range of use. It also has an impressive back support feature that provides extra stability while working.

If I talk about the inbuilt quality, this is an ultra-sturdy heat gun. You can consistently work with this heat gun for more than 600 hours at its maximum temperature. (According to manufacture.) It is a lightweight and compact tool.

It has a ventilation design that prevents overheating, and a standable hands-free design makes it super easy to use on any mobile. You will get all the necessary accessories with this heat gun.

You will be provided with four nozzle attachments to meet the different requirements while repairing mobiles. Perfectly safe and designed to prevent overload and even has auto cut to prevent overheating. Overall this is a professional heating gun for mobile repairing, shrink wrapping, epoxy resin, electronics, and much more.


  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Dual Temperature
  • Ventilation Design
  • Powerful heat gun
  • Standable and Hands-Free Design


  • Bit Noisy

3. Homidic Mini Mobile Repair Heat Gun

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You might be wondering why I have placed this mini heat gun in the top three. Firstly do not judge this book by its cover. Homidic mini heat gun is a powerful tool to repair mobile phones. Not only just mobile repairing, but this heat gun is capable of working on both small and large-scale projects.

This is an ultimate mini heat gun for cell phone repairing and, in general, for electronics. If you are using a heat mat for terrariums to help loosen the glue between the touch screen and the LCD screen and still breaking or damaging screens of about in about half of the devices?

This heat gun will make a world of difference! It cuts the repair time by more than half and rarely cracks an LCD while repairing. It heats up fast; it’s lightweight and easy to direct the heat exactly where you need it.

Another bonus is that when you’ve finished using it, the machine cools quickly, which is great because you can quickly put it away and clear your workstation. You nearly can’t locate a more compact device in the market.

The one thing which I like most about this heat gun is the surface stand that will permit you to set this heat gun aside, without the need to hinder what you’re doing totally.

The stand lift up the heat gun a little bit above the ground that means you don’t have to worry about burning or damaging your project or the work station.

Overall it’s a great heat gun for repairing, especially if you are working in a small workshop when every inch of space is essential to you. This heat gun occupies a small space, and it’s super portable.

I think I have answered your question- Is this heat gun still a reliable pick? Once again, I will say this- definitely yes. In any case, if you feel that this temperature won’t be sufficient to vanquish the strongest glue you work with, at that point, perhaps you ought to think about my next recommendation.


  • Fixed temperature
  • Extremely affordable
  • Available in a choice of two colors
  • Simple design
  • Insulated body


  • Don’t use it for more than 10 minutes at one time

4. X-Tronic’s All-In-One Heat gun Rework Station for Mobile Repairing

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There are heat gun work stations that cost a lot less and some that are in the thousands of dollars. Still, this X-Tronic heat gun rework station is perfect for mobile repairing.

If you work mostly on circuit boards, majorly on the designing part, and you need to remove or swap out components on prototype boards, specifically those with pad heat sinks.

It works as advertised without issues. The display is clear and easy to read. The accessories are just that, accessories. They do not compare to the professional level tools I already own and have no bearing on the station’s performance, but if the station came with professional-level tools, the price would have to more than double.

On the off chance that you need a truly decent, far-reaching, and comprehensive heat gun rework station, this is an incredible option. Presently, know that it is by a long shot the most costly item on our rundown today.

Regardless of its price, this tool holds fourth place. Not let’s not make this guide boring and directly jump over to the Review and features of X-Tronic MODEL 5040-XR3 All In One Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron Station.

It comes with an advanced Samsung microcontroller and PID technology that allows you to complete an accurate digital control over the temperature of both the heat gun and soldering iron.

You also get four hot air nozzles, ten soldering tips, an IC popper, a magnifying lamp, and a set of tweezers. We like how everything included is of fairly high quality and should last for some time to come.

I know this is the most expensive tool on our list, but if you check out the specs and all the accessories that come along with this workstation, this might be the cheapest option out there for you in such a price range. Overall it’s the most highly functioning, user-friendly, and durable tool that comes along with a 500-watt heat gun.


  • ESD Safe
  • Programmable temperature control features
  • Total power consumption: 1270 Watts
  • Heat gun: 500 watts


  • Most expensive but still worth every penny

5. YIHUA Safe 2 in 1 Heat Gun Rework Station for Mobile Repairing

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Yihua is an extraordinary heat gun rework station with many advantages, and it’s elusive anything amiss with it by any stretch of the imagination.

Maybe it would be better if it had knobs instead of buttons for the temperature control, yet the buttons are still fine, and you can hold them down to change temperature quicker.

Having the option to adjust the temperature and change it from Celsius to Fahrenheit is very useful. The temperature reading by the workstation is pretty accurate out of the box, probably dead on correct at the sensor, but it reads about 10C to 20C hotter than the tip or nozzle actually is.

Tip- You should calibrate the temperature setting to better match the tip and air temp immediately outside the nozzle. Now let’s dive into the features of this heat gun work station.

Yihua offers an exceptionally advanced rework station with an enormous number of accessories. The best thing that you will definitely like about this rework station is its 500W heat gun which makes it perfect for repairing mobile phones.

You get three 3 LED displays to catch up with the real-time temperature while repairing mobiles, tablets, laptops, or any other electronic gadgets. It has some automatic feature that makes this heat gun a little more expensive but still worth every penny.

There are four automatic checks, showing the heat gun temperature, the patching iron’s temperature, the voltage you’re utilizing, and the amps the machine is drawing. Overall one of the best heat gun rework stations for mobile repairing out there.


  • Temperature compensation function
  • Comes with a sleep mode
  • Brushless fan with soft air
  • 500 watts powerful heat gun
  • Variable temperature range
  • Auto cool down safety feature.
  • Made of silicone tube material


  • It weighs up to 7.7 lbs

Things to consider-

Things to consider before buying a heat gun for mobile repairing

I should have shared this thing before starting the review, but I thought this might confuse you slightly. So now, for all of you, those who still want to know what are the things you should consider before buying any heat gun for mobile repairing. Let’s wind up this article and head over to things you should consider in a good heat gun.


The first and foremost thing that you should look into any heat gun before buying it. Is it hot enough to do your work? As we all know, mobile phones are sensitive gadgets that need a lot of care, especially when you are fixing them. You can’t get hard on them while replacing or repairing. So while choosing a heat gun, you should keep this thing in mind that it should be hot enough to soften the adhesive but again, not too much hot that you may damage the phone. So you can’t just work with a heat gun that works only with 1000° F. So temperature is one of the most important things you should consider.

The power

Power plays a crucial role if you are looking for a powerful heat gun. If you want your heat gun to heat up ASAP, then you should always look for a powerful one. In case you still don’t understand this, let me explain it to you. So basically, power is expressed in Watts. Watt is a unit of power. If your heat consumes high watts, the more powerful and quickly it will work. So if you want a heat gun that heats up quickly, always consider a powerful one.


This factor doesn’t play a significant role, but I still consider it a primary factor. So while testing the heat guns, I look at the airflow. It should not be too fast or too slow. If the flow of air is too fast, you will not be able to work on electronic gadgets precisely, but again if it’s too slow, it will make a problem. There are heat guns in the market that even have air control settings. But most of them will provide you nozzles caps to control the airflow. So basically airflow indicates the speed at which the temperature reaches the surface. It ranges between 200 and 500 L / min.

LCD display

The LCD display is more like a plus factor. It helps you to regulates the heat gun’s temperature while working on a cell phone. If you often lost track of ideal settings and need to keep resetting them, this will ease your work. You can quickly get the readings on the LCD display, and from there, you can save it for future use for there.

Why should you use heat guns for Mobile Repairing?

Firstly, I need to begin with how a heat gun is better than traditional heating pads. Heat guns are more like hair driers but way more power. Unlike heat pads, you can use a heat gun to warm a particular spot of your mobile phone so that you can get rid of the problem quickly.

It’s the easiest and safest way to get rid of broken screens. With the heat gun, you can easily remove the mobile display without even damaging it. This thing is even quite simple to use.

All you have to do is to blow some hot air on the required spot. Rather than the low temperature that hair driers blow, the heat guns blow a lot higher temperature air. For the most part, from 120-degrees F to 1200-degrees F, it very well may be higher or lower depends upon the model.

In any case, how would you realize which heat gun is best for mobile repairing and which doesn’t? Now you don’t want to heat your cellphone at 1200-degree temperature to find out which heat gun is best.

So that implies that you need heat guns with an LCD screen that permits you to control the temperature. Actual heat guns won’t work, they will simply heat and heat each moment until they arrive at their most extreme temperature, which can be high, and they will, in general, quit working after a timeframe.


So, it’s the end of the article. Let’s have a quick recall of what we discussed in this article. In this article, I talked about the five best heat guns for mobile repairing, and our top pick is the Tack-life Premium heat gun.

They are fun and easy-to-use, and their properties can be applied in a multitude of fields. They are also an efficient and handy means of experimentation and recreation. You just need to keep in mind the particular reason for buying the heat gun, and then you’re good to go forth with your heat gun purchase!

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