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Looking for a handy heat gun that can ease your task while shrink-wrapping? You are in the right place. Honestly, it’s impossible to imagine anything without proper packaging. No one wants to compromise with this section.

If you also want the same, it would be best to have an excellent heat gun to wrap things up. Now the question that may come to mind that what are the basic things that you should see before buying the heat gun.

While looking for the best heat gun for shrink wrap, you need to check several features of the heat like- power, durability, lightweight, accessories, and most importantly, temperature.

All these are the basic requirements that one should see before buying any heat gun. But still, there are some other factors like age, inbuilt quality, how it goes?

Since and my team is working with these heat guns for the last couple of years and we have tested tons of heat guns to ease your task, I came up with this list of the top 5 best heat guns of shrink wrap.

One thing about our reviews as all these heat guns are hand-picked so may find our reviews a little bit bigger than the usuals ones so if you don’t have the time to read them all you can directly check the pros and cons.

Genesis Shrink Wrap GHG 1500A Heat Gun

Genesis heat gun for shrink wrap

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This is a top-selling heat gun in the market for shrink wrapping that you can quickly get. At a shallow price point, the Genesis GHG1500A is one of the most budget-friendly dual temperature heat guns.

It is easy to use and consumes up to1500-watts of power. It is a powerful heat gun that comes with a powerful 12.5 Amp motor. I can assure you that this tool will help you a lot if you daily shrink wrap things not only just shrink wrap this is a multipurpose heat gun.

Variable temperature setting makes this heat gun perfect for shrink wrapping. You can adjust the temperature according to your work. It heats up quickly and can reach up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit within seconds.

This heat gun includes four different nozzles that make your work too much more effortless. These accessories will give you the freedom to adjust hot air delivery, depending on your work.

  • Air Reduction Nozzle to concentrates heat.
  • Two Deflector Nozzles are used to deflect the airflow to protect the sensitive areas.
  • One Reflector Nozzle reflects the air in the particular direction that speeds the thawing of pipes.

If I talk about this heat gun’s built-in quality, it’s the best- pretty light & easy to handle. The heat gun can rest flat on its back, balanced by the handle. The air intake is on the sides, and the back is not ventilated, making it safe to operate in any position.

The switch stays in whatever position you set it, with the lower temp also having a lower fan speed. The main power cable is not grounded, which is fine since the body is plastic.

Overall, it is an excellent heat gun and holds first place in my top 5 heat guns for shrink wrap.


  • Pretty lightweight
  • Dual Temperature range- 572 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Integrated stand for safe cool down


  • Nothing but one thing nozzles are quite soft use them with care

PRULDE HG0080 Shrink Wrap Heat Gun

Prulde heat gun for shrink wrap

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If you are looking for a heat gun that can help you to shrink-wrap things quickly. This can be an ideal choice for you. Prulde HG0080 is a powerful as well as a budget-friendly heat gun.

You can get this heat gun for just under $22(Price can fluctuate according to the market). It comes with tons of features. This heat gun heats up fast and working time over 600 hours at a max temperature, making this heat gun the second best heat gun for shrink wrap.

Easy to use heat gun due to its lightweight and compact handgrip design, you can work with this heat gun for hours without feeling any stress on your arm.

It comes with an integrated hands-free support stand that allows the heat gun to sit upright even if you are not working. This is a dual temperature heat gun it means it offers an adjustable temperature.

You can set as low as 752°F and high 1112°F setting, which helps your a lot while working. Again this heat gun also has an additional four nozzles (Disperser, reflector, fantail, and concentrator) to ease your task.

These nozzles help you put some more detailing while shrink wrapping and ensure the correct heat intensity. This heat gun comes with built-in integrated overload protection that prevents burning.

Built-in overheating protection ensures safe and reliable use even if you are using it for several hours. It also has six ventilation holes on its back to ensure proper airflow.

You will get two years warranty on this heat gun, and if by chance your heat gun malfunctions, they provide replacement service instead of repairing. Overall it’s a great heat gun worth every penny.


  • Ultra-sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and Durable
  • Dual Temperature Controls
  • Heat Gun with 6.5ft long power cable


  • Lacks lower-end temperature selection.

Galax pro-1500 Shrink Wrapping Heat Gun

Galax pro heat gun for shrink wrap

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Galax pro-1500 is a lethal weapon that can easily handle large-scale shrink wrapping without any stress. This is one of my favorite heat guns, and I still have it in my personal DIY tool kit.

This is a powerful 1500W heat gun that has two adjustable temperature settings for a wide variety of work. It also features two heat and airflow settings for better heat control, depending on your work.

This heat gun heats quickly- 350 ℃ in just a min and can reach up to 550 ℃ that is hot enough to melt the aluminum. This is a lightweight anti-burned heat gun that you can work with for several hours without feeling any fatigue.

A six feet long power cable makes this heat gun super portable and allows you to work even far from the plug. If I talk about the in-built quality, it’s made up of ceramic heating elements.

Compared with conventional mica heating elements, the heating gun uses ceramic heating elements, which significantly improves heat gun safety during use.

It also has built-in overload protection that automatically turns off the heat gun and prevents it from damaging. With this heat gun, you will get the necessary accessories that will be required while shrinking wrapping.

You will get a reflector nozzle, one air reduction nozzle, one deflector nozzle, and a wide concentration nozzle. You will also get a one-year warranty on this heat gun.

In the end, I would like to say that this is a powerful heat gun, and I have been using it for the last couple of years, and to date, I haven’t found any flaw. I would definitely recommend this heat gun.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Dual Temperature Settings Mode
  • Built-in overheating protection
  • The ergonomic comfort grip
  • Double heating wire to achieve fast heating


  • Maybe loud noise can annoy you a little bit.

Cartman Heat Gun for Shrink Wrapping

Cartman Heat Gun for Shrink Wrapping

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Cartman is one of the prominent heat guns out there in the market for shrink wrapping. Not only just shrink wrapping, but these can easily handle many households works too.

This is a powerful AH001A 1500W heat gun is designed to take on a whole host of DIY tasks like shrink wrapping. This heat gun’s outer body is made of high-quality plastic, which acts as an insulator and prevents overheating.

Inside the heat gun, they have used high-grade metals like Nickle chrome rather than those cheap chrome-aluminum heating wire. You can work with this heat gun for more than 500 hours in its max temperature setting, which almost four times longer than the normal heat gun.

This is a dual temperature heat gun and also has a fan speed setting for precise control of the temperature. You can easily adjust the temperature between 750 degrees Fahrenheit to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a lightweight heat gun with a super cool design that makes it easy to use for as long as you want. Overall this thing weighs up to 2 pounds.

This is an ideal heat gun for removing paint, decorating, home improvement, varnish, upcycling, loosening rusted bolts, bending plastics, and much more.

If I have to rate this heat gun, I will give it 9.5 out of 10. In the end, I would say this is a perfect heat gun for shrink wrapping.


  • Dual temperature heat gun
  • Fan speed control feature
  • Complete with four additional nozzles
  • Integrated hanging ring.
  • Temperature range of 750 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Third-party branded unit.
  • Lacks the robustness of higher-end models.

SEEKONE 1800W Heavy Duty Heat Gun 

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Seekone is one of the best-selling heat guns. The rating of this heat gun outstanding more than 1200 people have rated this heat gun above 4.6 stars on Amazon, and the current rating of this heat gun is 4.7.

Now let’s jump over to the features of this heat gun. Seekone is an 1800 watts heavy-duty heat gun that comes with an adjustable temperature.

This heat gun features a temperature range between 752℉ degrees Fahrenheit-1112 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an ideal heat gun for shrink wrapping. With a single push of a button, you can easily control the temperature.

But still, this heat holds fifth place in my list of top 5 because you usually don’t require the heavy-duty heat gun for shrink wrapping. This heat gun has a unique ergonomic design handle that can prevent repetitive pressure on your arm while working.

You can handle many other heat shrinking tasks with this heat gun. For instance, shrinking heating, shrink tube, shrinking wrap, heating PVC, and other heating purposes.

One more important thing this heat has an in-built overload protector that prevents the heat gun from damaging the crucial heating coil and makes it safe while operating. I love this thing that this heat gun comes with four interchangeable nozzles.

These include

  • Two concentrator nozzles direct a concentrated hot air to the required area.
  • The deflector nozzle directs a long, narrow hot air to the particular area.
  • The reflector nozzle disperses hot air evenly around the whole work surface.

Warning: The hot air blown out is highly concentrated, Don’t use the nozzle for a long time.


  • Includes four additional nozzles.
  • Variable temperature and Twin fan speeds.
  • Substantial control.
  • Overload protector.


  • A shorter power cable can be an issue.


Now I am wrapping this article. In this article, I talked about the best heat guns for shrink wrapping. These heat guns are easy to use, durable, powerful, and work perfectly.

Finally, it’s the end hope this information has helped you in choosing a suitable heat gun. If you like this article, then do share it with your friends and family.


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