Best Heat Gun for Vinyl Wrap

Are you an automobile enthusiast looking to take up a new project? If you are familiar with a heat gun, you can use it for easy wrapping. Heat guns are something even a beginner can undertake.

It’s great if you are planning to get a heat gun for the vinyl wrap. Heat guns are the perfect tool to wrap a car with a vinyl sheet.

Every DIYer will agree on this; a heat gun is the one vinyl wrap tool you just can’t live without. A heat gun is a versatile tool, from pre-heating vinyl to post-heating.

This tool plays an essential role in wrapping, not only just wrapping but you can also use this gadget to remove old car stickers.

Now let’s get straight to the point- Best Heat Gun For Vinyl Wrap. There are various heat guns out here in the market, and all of them are proclaiming that they are the best.

To ease your task, my team and I have tested tons of heat guns to find the best one for you. I have selected the top seven with the right balance of quality, power, and unity.

So, you don’t need to waste your time and money getting the wrong heat gun. Just select the one from here, and it will work wonders.

Our Top-Notch 11 Heat Gun for Vinyl Wrap.

Here comes my list of the 11 best heat guns but before your start reading my reviews let me tell you my reviews are a bit longer because all the heat guns which are mentioned here are the handy pick.

So if you don’t have time to read them so can directly jump up to the Pros and Cons sections.

DEWALT Vinyl Wrap Heat Gun Kit

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This heat gun holds the first position—Dewalt one of the best heat gun out there in the market for vinyl wrapping. This is an upgraded version of the previous Dewalt heat gun.

Unlike the previous model, this new gun has a digital thermal regulator, which gives a real-time temperature check. The one thing that makes this heat gun a perfect choice for vinyl wrapping is its temperature control features.

You can adjust the temperature within 50-Degree increments and decrements in a range of 150 to 1100-Degree F. You get a wide variety of nozzle attachments that is Gold! Different nozzle attachment allows users to work on any type of stuff.

You can work on any type of surface, from the large area to the small edgy portions of the cars. This heat gun can reach its maximum temperature within a minute.

It has an overload protection system that automatically shuts the heating element down and prevents burn-up. Comes with a hanging ring, which adds a convenient storage feature, and innovative kickstand support that provides greater stability and prevents tip over.

The ergonomic comfort grip and lightweight and compact design provide greater comfort for long hours of use. It also includes 12 standard accessories for versatility and a kit box for easy storage.  As far as quality, this is an excellent heat gun but still a little different from than Dewalt heat gun.

This is a perfect heat gun to get the job done right, and it’ll be just as professional (if not better) than paying someone else to do the job for you. So yes, I recommend this Dewalt heat gun kit if you’re looking for a nice gun with plenty of attachments for vinyl wrapping.


  • LCD Display
  • Temperature Control
  • Build-in-overload protection
  • Lightweight tool


  • Nothing

SEEKONE Heat Gun For Vinyl Wrapping

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If you are looking for a professional heat gun kit that is capable of Vinyl wrapping, car wrapping, shrinking PVC, and much more. The Seekone Heat Gun 1800W is an ideal tool to pick up.

This a strong, powerful heat gun that can quickly heat up to 1202℉(650℃) in seconds. Most of the heat gun has the dual temperature controls, but this heat gun has a variable temperature setting unlike them.

One thing that is missing in this heat gun is the LCD display. But it has a dial on its back through which you can change the temperature setting.

This heat gun even allows you to change airflow settings between the work. It has an overload protector system that prevents the heat gun from damaging your heat gun and the circuit.

Seekone heat gun has a very comfortable design that prevents constant stress on your muscles and other disorders.

You will get four different nozzles accessories with this heat gun that will make it super handy. The deflector nozzle directs a long, narrow heat pattern to the work surface.

Two concentrator nozzles redirect a concentrated hot air flow to the work surface. The reflector nozzle scatters air flow evenly around the whole work area.

If I talk about the other benefits- You will get a lifetime warranty on this heat gun. Plus, if you don’t like it, you can return it within ten days, and you will get a full refund. Overall it’s an excellent tool for wrapping cars.


  • Adjustable temperature from 50°C to 600°C
  • 2 fan speed setting
  • Overload protection
  • Durable quality
  • Cord length 1.6m


  • Maybe a noticeable fan sound

PORTER PC1500HG Heat Gun for Car Wrapping

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PORTER PC1500HG Heat Gun for Car Wrapping Porter PC1500 is an excellent heat gun for the price. This is a professional heat gun that comes in a super attractive black grey color.

It is professionally designed for vinyl wrapping. This powerful tool has multiple fan speed settings that deliver both high and low fan airflow.

The wide temperature range allows for easy adjustment of temperatures within the work. It has an integrated hand-free support stand for precise control, which ensures zero pressure on the arm while working.

Another feature I really like is the six feet long high-grade power cable. It is thick yet flexible and of high quality. It has an excellent solid rubber feel to it.

No shiny hard plastic coating here. It probably is a heat-resistant part silicone-coated cord. It is a user-friendly heat gun that comes with a hanging hook which makes it easy to store.

You can hand it anywhere while working to prevent any damage. This lightweight tool weighs up to 2 pounds offers less tiredness while handling.

It has a 1500-Watt powerful motor that delivers high heat and multiple fan settings. As far as build quality goes, this seems very well made.

I like the ergonomics and in-hand feel. It is comfortable to use for extended periods of time. It is much quieter than most hair driers. It does not have nearly as much airflow either.

On first use, I would recommend that you do use this heat gun outside because you can smell the fumes of heated up plastic and paint.

It is kind of like when you get a new oven and run it for the first time. If you are going to use it indoors in a non-vented area, you will do this drill several times to get most of the new break-in smell out.

Also, I think it will last longer if you turn it down to low temperature and let it cool before turning it off after every high-temperature use.

Anyways, this is a wonderful heat gun. It has a one-year warranty. However, within the $35, I guess it’s the best heat gun for the vinyl wrap. I bet you couldn’t complain too much, even if it only lasted a few—a great tool to have in your toolset. I’m going to give this one five stars.


  • Variable Temperature Setting
  • Dual fan speed setting
  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • Precise quality
  • 3-year warranty


  • Output can be weak

Wagner Spraytech Mini Heat For Vinyl Wrap

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Whether you’re a technician looking for a complete bad-ass tool or a DIYer seeking an ultra-compact heat gun, this gadget covers both areas. Basically, Wagner HT400 is a multipurpose heat gun. This is a perfect tool for automobile, workshop, craft, and hobby projects.

You can use it for vinyl wrapping, shrink wrapping, and much more. It is an ultra-slim heat gun properly designed for high-end work.

Usually, while wrapping a car, there are few areas where big you can’t reach. The pencil design of this allows you to work on these areas very fluently.

Again it is a pocket-friendly heat gun that comes under 25 dollars. This is a lightweight heat gun that has two fan speed settings, which you can adjust according to your work.

This Wagner heat tool also has a dual temperature feature, which heats up to 680°F (360°C) and low 450°F (230°C) temperature.

It comes along with a foldaway stand that prevents damaging your work and even protects you from burning yourself. The back of this heat gun has eight ventilation openings.

These raise wind stream through the machine. This guarantees that the external shell stays cool and forestalls the heating curl from arriving at too high a temperature.

Hence, it expands the life span of this significant part and allows you to appreciate long periods of upbeat creating and DIYing.

The Wagner HT400 is a unique heat gun, perfectly suitable for precise and intricate work. If you are thinking of getting something small in size but as powerful as the big one, this thing is for you.


  • 1,500 watts and 120 volts of power
  • Two temperature settings
  • Hands-free design feature
  • Retractable stand
  • 6 ft. power cord


  • No accessory tips included

DEWALT 20V Max Cordless Heat Gun.

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DEWALT 20V Max Cordless Heat Gun. This is a cool heat gun king of the bare tool. When I first looked at it, I thought, wow, it’s a little bit like the Milwaukee (another great wireless heat gun).

This heat gun is a little bit different vibe to its little bit different performance, so I’m going to get in and show you that but first, let’s take a quick walk around this heat gun.

One of the first things that are going to jump out to you is that it’s got a dual fan speed setting, a black button up on top to control the fan speed.

So on high, this heat gun heats up to 990 degrees hot enough to melt the aluminum easily, and on low, it heats a lot slower to 550 degrees.

One thing about wireless heat guns is they work on batteries, so if you don’t read the owner’s manual, I want to give you a little warning, you can use this tool for up to 60 mins in a two-hour period.

This tool has some pretty impressive performance. It heats up quickly within a few seconds—one of the best heat guns for vinyl wrapping.

If we talk about the quality, you can use thing heat for 42 minutes without stopping it once. I personally have tested this thing.

Despite its high-quality features, the heat gun comes in at a moderate price. So I usually work in a garage, and while working on cars, there are many areas where light is really less.

But this heat gun has a LED light that eases me a lot. Overall it’s a power heat gun if you are planning to work on vinyl sheets and car wrapping.


  • Increased visibility with LED foot light
  • Hand Free
  • Lock-on trigger
  • Durable quality


  • 42 minutes of Run time

Wagner Spraytech Furno 550 Heat Gun

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Wagner Spraytech Furno 550 Heat Gun Furno 550 is a nicely built heat gun with a wide range of temperature settings and two fan speeds. This is another excellent heat gun by Wagner! It heats up immediately and can heat up to 1000°F within a few a couple of seconds.

The FURNO 550 heat gun has 12 temperature settings ranging from 150°F to 1200°F, allowing for precise heat application for nearly any project and making it one of the best heat guns for vinyl wrapping.

This heat gun even has a graphic LED screen for real-time temperature reports that give a plus point if you are regularly wrapping cars.

You can just remember the temperature setting and, next time, directly apply it. You will find push-button controls near the LED screen to adjust the temperature and change the airflow speeds or switch to cool down mode that makes it easy to use.

I was very impressed that the heat from the gun did not damage or melt anything while wrapping. I myself have this model, and I found this heat gun very useful in speeding up the drying process for applying multiple layers of wrap.

It has saved me hours of “downtime” from waiting for a vinyl wrap to dry before I could proceed to the next step. So if you are still using a blow dryer for vinyl wrapping, I might say go check this out.

This heat gun gets much hotter (even in the low setting) and is much faster to use. This heat gun removes all wrinkles from the vinyl film and leaves a better-looking finished appearance.

The heat gun is also much quieter and prettier than the others. Overall it’s highly recommended!


  • 12 temperature settings
  • The ceramic element for longer life
  • Chemical-free alternative
  • LED Screen with push-button controls
  • Multiple Accessories and Nozzles


  • The display concept may not appeal to all users


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First of all great heat gun at the right price. This heat can literally beat many $100 heat guns. I even used this heat gun when I was a beginner in this world of vinyl wrapping.

The black and decker is my favorite heat gun to use at my shop. I have a vinyl graphics shop, and we use heat guns constantly every single day. We drop them off ladders, off tables, and this heat gun holds up best to the abuse.

If you do a lot of car wrapping and want to purchase it for vinyl wrapping, this might be the best one out in this price range. It feels nice in your hand, not too heavy or bulky.

Good constant heat, two settings, and it even rests on its back to avoid burning your work surface when you need to put it down. Here are some of the other uses of this heat gun other than car wrapping that I have personally tried: Shrink Wrapping.

You can also use a hairdryer for this, but this gun works better and faster. Drying Paint. If you need to speed up the drying of paint, this will do it.

Paint Stripping. You can use this gun to avoid using toxic chemicals to strip paint off of furniture or woodwork. Soften Adhesives.

This is great for removing stickers from your windshield or old bumper stickers. Just heat the sticker with the heat gun and then easily peel it off. I would easily recommend this heat gun. If this review has helped you make a decision, go and grab it.


  • Compact for easy storage and handling
  • Temperature range of 750 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Integrated stand
  • Lightweight


  • No additional nozzles or accessories
  • Relatively noisy

VViViD Professional Heat Gun for Vinyl Wrap

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VViViD Vinyl’s heat gun is a professional heat gun that is perfectly fit for many heating applications, from vinyl wrapping to shrink wrapping, from removing old flooring to removing paint.

It gets hot fast, works excellent for any type of wraps, and does the job perfectly fine. Just be careful while using this heat gun because it can get way too much hot, and you don’t want to burn yourself while working, so handle it with care.

This power heat gun consumes 1200 watts and 4100 BTUs of power. It can reach up to 500 degrees within a few seconds, and if I talk about the maximum temperature, it can go up to 1000 degrees F.

You can even adjust the temperature from 150 degrees F to 1000 degrees F. This heat also includes all the necessary accessories that you may require while wrapping a car.

It includes a 3M toolkit featuring a blue applicator Squeegee and 3 Black Felt Protective Adhesive Decals. Also included is a stainless steel heat-directing nozzle for greater precision and accuracy.

Overall, VViViD’s heat gun is ideal for DIYers, home or car owners, handymen, or part-time contractors. But still, if you are not happy with this one, No problem, there are plenty of fishes in the sea.


  • 1,200-watt heat gun
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Includes a 3M Toolkit


  • A bit expensive.

MAXWEL iH Heat Gun

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Maxel iH heat gun is not the same as other heat guns out there for vinyl wrapping. From the picture itself, you can notice why I am saying this thing.

It is a compact heat gun that can easily handle any task. For instance, you can work on your mobile phones, handles heat shrinking easily.

Overall it’s a multipurpose heat gun. Now let’s talk about the features of this heat gun. This is the best small heat gun rework station for vinyl wrapping.

This heat comes with everything that is required for the car wrapping. It consists of a digital LED display on its handle, which allows you to track the real-time temperature while working on your project.

It even helps you to record the temperature, and you can just start working on it next time. Another great feature about this heat gun is you can literally change celsius in Fahrenheit.

You adjust this temperature setting through up-and-down selector buttons that allow you to choose a temperature level between 212 and 896 degrees Fahrenheit(100 to 480 degrees Celsius).

For more anxious DIYers, this gun consolidates a rapid heat-up feature — shoot up 212 to 896 Degree Fahrenheit in 30 seconds.

You even get the fan speed control buttons to control the airflow coming out through the nozzles according to your need. Small air is best for the car wrapping.

If I talk about the quality of this heat gun, it has an insulated body that guarantees it stays cool in your grasp during activity.

Moreover, an overheating defender forestalls the heating loop from arriving at temperatures that represent a danger either to you or the capacity of the machine.

Overall it’s a high-power heat gun and effortlessly handles the job of vinyl wrapping your vehicle.


  • LED digital display
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Rapid warming from 212 to 896 degree
  • Automatic cool-air cooling heater


  • No nozzle protector.

Ehdis Vinyl Wrap Heat Gun Tool Kit.

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If you are searching for a heat gun tool kit that has everything in it, you should consider this heat gun in this case. The Ehdis vinyl wrap heat gun tool kit is the best choice for you, and why I said this? Literally, this heat gun has everything that is required for vinyl wrapping.

A smart design is that helps you to hold it for long sessions. Working with this heat gun offers you the chance to select from about two different temperature heat settings from 842°F to 1202°F (650°C- 450°C).

This kit set includes one multipurpose rubber jelly squeegee, Lil’ Chisler, Contour Squeegee, 4 Felt Squeegee, 6″ Block Squeegee, Film cutter with ten blades, Conqueror Squeegee, and a Heat Gun.

All these accessories make this heat gun best for vinyl wrapping. This is a powerful 1800W heat gun. It comes with an LCD display which gives you a high end while working.

You can check the temperature with the real-time LCD display. Not only just wrapping, but this is the ideal tool for stripping paint, removing decals, strips, shrinking wire wrap, etc.

It also has the necessary attachments- 1pc Large Deflector Nozzle(8cm), 1pc Reduction Nozzle(2cm).

However, there isn’t entirely about this heat gun since its in-constructed heat control framework ensures this gun capacity at the ideal temperature, along these lines, guaranteeing that it doesn’t overheat and it’s a perfect heat gun tool kit.


  • Dual Temperature
  • LCD Display
  • 2 different temperature heat settings
  • 2 air deflector nozzle
  • Value for Money Package


  • Bit noisy

Gomake Car Tinting Vinyl Wraps Tool Kit

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Gomake heat gun is an excellent affordable kit that has all the necessary tools you’ll need to vinyl wrap. It is a complete car vinyl wrap tool. It consists of one 1800W powerful heat gun with an LED display that allows you to see the real-time temperature while working.

You even get to choose various temperature options from 140°F-1202°F, which I think is ideal for vinyl wrapping your car or any other automobile.

This kit includes two powerful magnets to hold the vinyl sheet on the car surface, four mini squeegees. These are not like ordinary squeegees compared to other mini squeegees.

This 4 in 1 set has an extra stainless steel squeegee. With three kinds of hardness squeegees, those flexible squeegees can be used to push the edge in some details and delicate areas.

If you think that this might be the end of the list. Hell no! This is just a start. Further, this includes a safety cutter, utility knife, and Working Gloves.

A safety cutter will make your film cutting more efficiently. A snap-off utility knife can cut vinyl film efficiently and maintains a clean, sharp edge.

Knitwork gloves will keep your hand safe and offer low friction, seamless motion when applying a vehicle wrap to curved compound vehicles. All these accessories make this heat gun kit perfectly suitable for wrapping your vehicle with a vinyl sheet.


  • 1800W, with LED display
  • The variable temperature control function
  • Ideal for vinyl, film wrapping
  • Includes everything


  • Over fine but can become noisy over time.

How to Vinyl Wrap Cars using a Heat Gun?

How to Vinyl Wrap Cars using a Heat Gun?

Follow these simple steps given below to know how heat gun works on the vinyl wrap.

Step 1: Clean the vehicle’s surface with paint-safe oil and wax remover to eliminate any earth or grime on a superficial level. We suggest having the vehicle cleaned with a car wash cleanser (try not to utilize cleaners with waxes). At that point, continue to flush the surface with water.

Step 2: Altogether, dry the surface with a perfect microfiber towel or build-up free paper towel. Give specific consideration to edges, edges, and creases as these regions are frequently dismissed and may convey the most dirt and grime.

Step 3: Cut the vinyl wrap according to your requirement and place it on the surface of the car. I suggest you should always cut the wrap a little more than the exact size.

Step 4: Remove the adhesive cover of the wrap and start your heat gun. Start blowing hot air on the required surface. Strech the warp to fit all the curves properly, and just be careful with pre-stretching and be polite while removing wrinkles.


I have listed some of the best heat guns for vinyl wrap available in the market for your benefit. All these heat guns are nicely-designed and make themself in the top 11 because of their perfect service and quality.

I hope you like this guide, and if you like this article, please share it with your friends, family, and colleagues. Still, if there is any question about the heat gun, you can simply drop it in the comment box.

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