How To Use A Heat Gun For Shrink Wrap?

You might have come across the thin-plastic-like ingredients used for packaging and wondered, ‘What are these products called, and what do they do?’

This thin plastic film, made of a polymer base, is called a shrink wrap. They are also called shrink films and are products that are incredibly versatile in nature.

They tend to be used in manufacturing and packaging products of several finished goods and parcels. Applying the shrink wrap involves applying heat with the help of heat or an electric gun.

This helps in sealing the shrink wrap tightly around whatever surface it is used on. Shrink wraps help in ensuring that your products remain safe and secure.

3 Different Types Of Shrink Wrapping

Different Types Of Shrink Wrapping

Shrink Wrapping can happen in several different ways. Different types of shrink wraps are used for other products ranging from processed food packages to game manufacturers.

It is a versatile activity to protect the products from external forces like dust and dirt. These different packaging methods include the following –

Shrink Band

Shrink bands help in providing proper sealing to your product. They can be wrapped around the lids of your containers and bottle caps and shrunk around to tighten the seal around the object. These provide you with a tamper-evident sealing process.

Shrink Sleeve

Shrink sleeves provide an easy and comfortable way to seal your products in the process of marketing and advertising. You can use these sealing mechanisms even to help label your product.

They are used in bottles and other containers of retail value to provide an attractive outer appearance. They also come with the option of supporting colored printing as well as visual appraisal without much distortion.

Shrink Tube

These shrink products come in the form of continuous rolls without any precuts of size. You can choose the size and cut according to the requirements of your products.

This packing method is primarily used in industries with many products of different shapes and sizes as it makes the overall process of packing reasonably simple.

How To Use A Heat Gun For Shrink Wrapping?

Heat Guns are used for the application of heat to allow the shrink wraps to seal correctly. These wraps tend to be especially sensitive to heat. When these films come in contact with heat, it shrinks around the object in question and completely covers it.

7 Steps For Using Heat Gun For Shrink Wrap:

Steps For Using Heat Gun For Shrink Wrap

Step 1: You need to make sure that you have all the necessary items for the wrapping process, such as containers, shrink film, and the heat gun ready and assembled.

Step 2: Open the shrink band from the center and ensure that the evidence seal is not tampered with or harmed.

Step 3: Make sure that the object that has to be wrapped is ready nearby. Carefully slide the shrink film over the outside of the item to cover it adequately.

Step 4: Now, you have to plug in the heat gun and let it heat up for some time. Make sure to check the requirements of the product you need to seal till the time.

Step 5: Now, choose a heating mode and setting for the shrink band application, which best complies with the properties of the product you have selected.

Step 6: In a slow and steady motion, make sure to wave the gun’s tip slowly around the head of the container or the bottle cap.

Step 7: Generally, there tend to be two setting options for the process of heat application. One is the lower setting, and the other is higher. You can adjust these settings depending on the container and the object to which the shrink has to be applied.

For example, barbecue bottles tend to have flatter caps and do not need much heat for shrink wrapping. In such cases, it is advisable to use the setting placed at ‘one.’

It is essential to choose the right heat setting and ensure that the right amount of heat is exerted on different containers. Otherwise, the sealing can encounter holes.

Using Heat Gun for Shrink Wrap and Benefits

Heat guns can be used for virtually anything. You can use them for wrapping things up or for removing wallpapers. You can also heat and bend plastics with the help of the gun and soften glue and adhesives.

But still, one of the most popular uses of heat is shrink wrapping. A heat gun is used for blowing some hot air on the shrink wrap. So basically, a shrink wrap is heat sensitive. When we apply some heat to the wrap, it ultimately led to the shrinking of a wrap and tightly covered the object.

The best thing about shrink wrapping with a heat gun is it provides a protective layer of plastic on the item that you are covering. Even prevent your product from spilling out, and you can even do it by yourself.

Essential Things To Consider Before Buying

Using shrinkwraps in your business and packaging is a smart move as they are products that provide excellent solutions. Shrink wraps are endowed with several advantages and features such as flexibility, durability, and printability.

They also come with environment-friendly features and have a long shelf life. It is necessary to be acquainted with the shrink wrap material’s different characteristics before readily using it in your packaging processes.

Choosing the suitable wrap is of utmost importance, and it is necessary to be aware of the size, length, and packaging purpose of the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Safety Precautions You Need To Keep In Mind While Using A Heat Gun?

It is necessary to keep certain things in mind before using a heat gun. You need to make sure that your workspace is well-ventilated and the doors and windows are open. Inhaling the toxins and fumes that are let out in the process can be harmful and irritate your lungs. It would help if you used heat guns in an outdoor setting. It is also advisable that you wear safety and protective gear such as goggles, respiratory masks, and heat-resistant clothes when you are working on some project.

What Should You Do In Case Wrinkles Form On Your Shrink Wrap?

One of the most common issues faced as an amateur in shrinking wrapping is the formation of wrinkles on the surface. These appear in the form of lines when less heat is applied to the shrinking surface. If you are using a heat gun, make sure to apply more heat to the wrinkled areas. If you are using a heat tunnel, it is advised that you slow down the speed and increase the temperature.

What To Do In Case Of Ballooning On The Shrink Surface?

Ballooning takes place when there is excess air trapped inside the shrink film after the process of sealing. It is difficult to predict how ballooning will occur, but it is pretty simple to resolve this issue. You can use small-needle-sized holes to prevent ballooning in the future. Shrink perforated films can also help reduce the risk of ballooning.

How do you use a heat gun to shrink plastic?

You can use heat guns to shrink a small amount of sheet plastic. Heating the plastic with a heat gun before you cut it will cut down on the fraying of the edges when the material cools and hardens.

How hot should a heat gun be to shrink wrap?

Temperature for shrink wrapping varies by the material being shrunk, but generally speaking: You want to heat the item first, and as you do that let it sit on a flat surface.

Then once the item is heated all you have to do is pass the hot air gun over the plastic. I’m not sure roughly how hot to get, but if you turn your gun on high and hold it against a bit of the plastic it will shrink right away. Usually.


We hope that we could provide you with the necessary information on how heat guns can help in sealing products and packages with shrink wraps.

These wraps can go a long way in securing your products and containers. You have to ensure that you know the product’s nature and know how to use the heat gun for the same!

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